Support for Canon Maxify MB2320 Setup

The complete Canon Maxify MB2320 setup consists of Unboxing and removing the tape from all the areas of the printer, installing the ink cartridges, setting up the region preferences, installing the driver and establishing it over a network of your preferred choice. Let us see how to unbox the Canon Maxify MB2320 printer for the first time and then the driver download & installation procedure below.

canon maxify mb2320 setup

How to Setup Canon Maxify MB2320

With the instructions provided below, you can do the basic unboxing and setup of your Canon Maxify MB2320 printer.

  1. Remove the tape on the printer cover, take your printer out of the box and keep it on a flat surface.
  2. The printer contains four ink cartridges, a software installation CD, a power cable and a setup manual.
  3. Take the orange tapes off the printer’s front door.
  4. Trash the tape available inside the ink cartridge access area and the plastic component provided for support.
  5. Now, remove the tape on the paper tray door and the rear door of the printer.
  6. With the power cord, provide power connection to the printer from its rear to the direct electrical wall outlet.
  1. Insert papers into the printer's input tray and take the ink cartridges from the package.
  2. This printer contains a front-loading input tray and the output tray on top.
  3. Turn on your Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer and wait for the menu lights to be ON.
  4. Pull the access door of the ink cartridge and insert all the ink cartridges one by one into the respective slots.
  5. Ensure that the chip-side of the cartridge is pushed inside.
  6. After the ink cartridges are correctly installed, the printer prompts to print an alignment page.
  7. By following the instructions on the control panel screen, get the alignment page.
  8. Now, you can set the language, country, region, and more on the printer’s control panel and the basic setup of the Canon Maxify MB2320 is complete.

Canon Maxify MB2320 Driver Download

Download the Canon Maxify MB2320 full feature driver as a package from our website, which contains basic printer & scanner drivers and Utility tools that help with quick setup and troubleshooting solutions of the printer.

Canon MB2320 Printer Drivers for Mac

If you click on the driver download button below for Mac computers, you get the latest version of the Canon Mb2320 printer driver, which supports versions from Mac OS 8 till Mac OS 14 (Mojave). Depending on the release of your Mac OS, the driver type may change. The drivers that are available for this printer are CUPS (the standard driver for your printer) and ICA (standard scanner driver).

Canon MB2320 Driver for Windows

The Canon MB2320 driver for Windows contains Full feature and basic drivers depending on your OS. It includes a driver for the scanner (MPS) and the printer (XPS). The latest Windows Server 2019 comes with built-in drivers and it makes your job easy. The drivers that we provide are compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. Clicking the driver download button below, lets you download the driver on your computer.

Install Canon MB2320 Driver

  1. Click the downloaded file directly from your browser or go to the Downloads folder, select the driver file and double-click on it to run the setup.
  2. The downloaded file will have a .exe format and following the instructions that display on the installer, you can install the driver for Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer.
  3. This is one easy way of installing the driver. As an alternate method, insert the CD that was given to you along with the printer and insert it on your computer’s CD drive.
  1. After the contents display on the computer screen, choose the folder where the setup file is available and open it.
  2. Click the .exe file twice and select Run, Save, or Open. Following the instructions that crawl on the screen, complete the installation setup of your Canon Maxify MB2320 printer.
  3. This procedure is for a Windows computer.
  4. For Mac, if you are downloading the full feature driver, then it installs everything that you needed to work with your printer.
  5. Else, download the .dmg file and follow the procedure accordingly to complete the software installation.

Canon Maxify MB2320 Wifi Setup

  1. Before you connect the printer to the computer using Wi-Fi, ensure that the computer is connected to a wireless network and the router’s configuration with the computer is already set and proper.
  2. Press the Setup button on your printer and it takes to the Setup menu.
  3. Choose Wireless LAN setup using the left and right arrow keys and then press OK.
  4. The Wi-Fi light appears blue when the Wireless connection is activated.
  5. Select Other Setup OK WPS OK Push button methodOK.
  6. When the printer prompts to connect to an access point, press OK.
  7. If the access point is ready, again press the OK button.
  8. Press the WPS button on the router for about 5 seconds and the OK button on the printer within two minutes of releasing the WPS button.
  9. The Wi-Fi light flashes when the printer searches for the access point.
  1. Now, when you see the message that the printer is connected to the access point, then press OK.
  2. After the connection is set, it returns to the Setup screen menu.
  3. Now, the final setup is to install the printer software.
  4. Install the full feature software or driver that you have downloaded from our website.
  5. Keep the user id and password of the access point ready so that you can provide it if prompted.
  6. Open the downloaded .exe file and at the time of installation, if the installer prompts to choose the connection method, select it as Wireless connection and continue with the prompts that apply for the driver installation.
  7. Now, this completes the Wi-Fi setup of your Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer.

Canon Maxify MB2320 AirPrint Setup

  1. Ensure that you use devices such as iPad of all models, iPhone with 3GS and later, or iPod touch 3rd generation or higher.
  2. Make sure to connect the Apple device and the printer to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Turn on your Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer and double-check if the printer has been linked to the Access point or network.
  4. Tap the Operation icon on the document or photo available in the Apple device so that it displays the Menu option.
  5. Under Menu, press the Print option.
  6. Under the Printer selection, choose your printer model and then provide the range of pages that you wish to print.
  7. Alter the number of copies and then turn on or off the Duplex printing mode depending on your preference.
  8. Now finally, tap Print that prints the document.

Canon Maxify MB2320 Cloud Print Setup

  1. To print using the Google Cloud Print, first, you must have a Google account and the printer should be registered on Google Cloud Print
  2. Select Settings under the Menu of the Google Chrome browser.
  3. Click Show Advanced Settings, select Google Cloud Print and then choose Manage.
  4. Choose Add Printers to add the required printer.
  5. Click OK the moment you see the confirmation message for registering the printer.
  6. You can also register the printer to the Google Cloud Print from your printer itself.
  7. First, ensure that your Canon Maxify MB2320 printer is turned on.
  8. Select the document or photo on your computer and right-click on it.
  9. Click the Wrench icon, Print and click on Print if you view the Google Cloud Printer is enabled.
  10. Wait till the printer prepares for Cloud printing and then the document or photo prints.

How to Replace Ink Cartridge Canon Maxify MB2320

  1. Ensure the Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer is powered on.
  2. Open the cover at the front of the printer.
  3. Push and remove the ink tank which you want to replace.
  4. Take a new ink tank and unpack it.
  5. Remove the protective tapes from the tank.
  6. Do not touch the contact and joint of the ink tank to get rid of printing issues.
  7. Insert the new ink tank into the corresponding slot.
  8. Gently push the ink tank until it fits into the place.
  9. Close the front door and complete the replacement process.

Canon Maxify MB2320 How to Load paper

  1. Take a stack of plain paper and tap on a flat surface.
  2. Pull the paper tray of the printer.
  3. Slide out the paper width guides.
  4. Place the papers in the paper tray with its print side facing down.
  5. Slide in the paper width guides and fix the papers.
  6. Push the paper tray and complete the setup.
  7. Configure the Paper Information on the control panel of the printer.
  8. Thus the input tray of your printer is loaded with suitable papers.

How to Scan on Canon Maxify MB2320

  1. Power on your Canon Maxify MB2320 printer if it is powered off previously.
  2. On the control panel of your printer, tap the Scan option.
  3. Select PC and choose your computer name to forward the scanned document.
  4. Modify the settings if needed.
  5. Place the original document you need to scan on the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder.
  6. Tap the Color button for scanning in color and the Black button to scan in black & white.
  7. Also, modify the advanced setting

Canon Maxify MB2320 Fax Setup

  1. Ensure your Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer is powered on.
  2. Load the document you want to fax on the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of the printer.
  3. On the function panel of the printer, tap the Fax option.
  4. Configure the settings like Receiving mode, Date and Time, Entry Field of Fax/Telephone Numbers, Function List, Redial, Directory and more.
  5. Tap the Color button for faxing the document in color and the Black button to fax in black & white.

How to Reset Canon Maxify MB2320

  1. Power on your Canon Maxify MB2320 printer if it is turned off previously.
  2. Tap and hold the STOP button for a few seconds.
  3. Release the STOP button by pressing the ON button.
  4. Hold the ON button and tap the STOP button for 5 times.
  1. Release all the buttons.
  2. Now the LCD screen turns on and becomes blank.
  3. Turn off the printer, wait for a few minutes and power it on.
  4. Thus the Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer is reset to its default settings.

Canon Maxify MB2320 Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting methods are used to solve printer problems so easily. Carry out the step by step and quick procedure in the following topics to set the printer issues if any.

Canon Maxify MB2320 not printing

  1. Make sure that the power cable is connected directly to the power supply and appropriate port of the Canon Maxify MB2320 printer.
  2. Ensure the ink tank are installed properly.
  3. Check if the input tray is loaded with suitable paper.
  4. Make sure that the Canon printer and computer are linked to the same network of a router or access point.
  5. If you connect the devices using a wired connection, ensure the cable is linked to the appropriate port of the printer and computer.
  6. Do not make the connection using a USB hub as it may cause deviations in transmitting data between your printer and computer.
  7. Check the paper settings.

Canon Maxify MB2320 error 5207

  1. Power up your Canon Maxify MB2320 setup printer if it is turned off previously.
  2. Wait until the printer turns on and becomes idle.
  3. Unplug the power cable with the printer turned on.
  4. Wait for a few minutes and connect the cable to the respective port of the printer & power supply.
  5. Do not make the power connection using a surge protector as it can produce power fluctuation.
  6. After connecting the cable, the printer turns on automatically.
  7. If the printer does not power up, turn it on by force pressing its power button.
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