Guide for Canon Maxify MB2120 Setup

Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer works faster and smarter. This printer is suitable for any business. After purchasing the printer from the manufacturer, you have to set it up. Carry out the simple and easy guidelines in the forthcoming topics to set your printer.

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Canon Maxify MB2120 Install

  1. Once you purchase the Canon Maxify MB2120 printer, check if the printer box is sealed correctly.
  2. Unseal the Canon printer box and check if the printer components are provided.
  3. Take the Canon Maxify printer from the box and place it on a flat surface.
  4. Peel off the protective tapes.
  5. Remove the packing materials from the printer. Unpack the power cable.
  1. Link the cord to the respective port of the Canon printer and power supply.
  2. Power up your Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer by force pressing its power button.
  3. Set the configurations on the function panel of the printer.
  4. Unpack the ink cartridges provided in the printer package.
  5. Insert the cartridges into the respective slots. Load the input tray with suitable papers.
  6. Install the Canon Maxify MB2120 printer driver on your computer and set the connection method between the devices.

Canon Maxify MB2120 Driver Download

Obtain the Canon Maxify MB2120 printer driver on your computer from the software CD provided in the printer package or the Driver Download button on this website. This site provides the recently released full-featured printer driver that suits the operating system version of your computer or laptop.

Canon MB2120 Driver Windows

  1. Get the driver of the Canon MB2120 printer from the software CD or the Driver Download button given on this page.
  2. This site provides the recently released full-featured printer driver that is compatible with the Windows OS version of both 32 and 64 bit.
  3. Click on the Driver Download button and initialize the download process.
  4. After downloading the driver, locate it in the destination folder on your computer or laptop.
  5. The file format of the driver for the Windows operating system is .exe.
  6. After downloading the Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer driver, install it to enjoy the printer functions.

Canon MB2120 Driver for Mac

  1. Download the printer software either from the software CD enclosed with the printer package or the Driver Download button on this page.
  2. To download the driver from the software CD, ensure your Mac device has a disc drive.
  3. The currently manufactured Mac devices do not contain the drive.
  4. So, copy the content of the CD in a flash drive.
  5. Insert the drive into your Mac computer or laptop and paste the content.
  6. Once you paste the content, a set of files appears on the screen.
  7. Double-click on the file and install the Canon Maxify MB2120 printer driver on your Mac device.

Canon Maxify MB2120 Driver Installation

  1. Double-click on downloaded printer driver file on your computer or laptop.
  2. If the driver file is in the .zip format, unzip it.
  3. Choose the connection method depending on the specifications of your printer and computer.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions by enabling its checkbox.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Finally, click the Finish button and complete the installation process.
canon maxify mb2120 driver install

How to Connect Canon MB2120

  1. Power up your router and check if it provides an active internet connection.
  2. On the control panel of the printer, tap the Home button.
  3. Use the arrow buttons and select the LAN Settings option.
  4. Tap the OK button.
  5. Pick Wireless LAN Setup --> OK.
  6. Download and install the Canon MB2120 printer driver on your computer or laptop.
  7. Follow the instructions on the computer screen.
  8. Select the Start Setup option.
  9. Agree to the License Agreement by ticking its checkbox.
  10. Carry with the guidelines on the screen.
  11. On the Select Connection Method window, click Wireless LAN Connection and tap Next.
  12. Click Connect via Wireless Router --> Next.
  13. On the Add Printer screen, select Add Printer.
  14. Go through the instructions and complete the connection method.

Canon Maxify MB2120 Wireless Setup

  1. Ensure your Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer is powered on.
  2. Power on your router and ensure it provides an active internet connection.
  3. On the control panel of the Canon Maxify MB2120 printer, tap LAN Settings.
  4. Select Wireless LAN Setup --> Yes.
  5. Go through the guidelines on the screen.
  6. Select the Standard Setup option and tap OK.
  7. Pick the network name of your router.
  8. Provide the password of the network when the system prompts.
  9. Carry out the guidelines on the screen and set up the wireless connection.

Canon MB2120 Apple AirPrint Setup

  1. Connect your printer and computer to the same network of a router or access point.
  2. Open the document or image you need to print on your Apple device.
  3. Click the Share icon. Select the Print option.
  4. In the Printer Options, configure the model.
  5. Set the range of pages you need to print.
  6. Also, configure the number of copies.
  7. Modify other printer settings if needed.
  8. Finally, tap the Print option and complete the AirPrint setup.

Canon MB2120 Google Cloud Print Setup

  1. Ensure your printer and computer are connected to the same network of a router or access point.
  2. Also, check if the input tray is loaded with suitable papers.
  3. Tap the Setup button.
  4. Pick Web Service Setup --> OK.
  5. Continue with the setup by tapping the OK button.
  6. When a Register? screen displays, pick [<Yes>] and tap OK.
  7. Configure the language for print settings and tap OK.
  8. Now the Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer prints an Authentication page.
  9. You can find a unique URL on the page.
  10. Open a web browser on your computer and type the URL in the search bar. Hit the Search button.
  11. Log in with your Google account and complete the Google Cloud Print setup.

Canon MB2120 Ink Replacement

When you clean the printhead of your printer, it consumes more ink of both black and color cartridges. In such a case, you might require changing the ink cartridges and when you run out of ink due to usage, even then they must be replaced. You can go through the instructions provided below and carry out the ink replacement on your Canon MB2120 printer.

How to replace or change the Ink Cartridge Canon MB2120?

  1. While doing the replacement process, ensure that your printer is not turned off.
  2. Unlock the front cover of the printer and then the output tray.
  3. Open the tray’s output cover.
  4. Move the empty FINE cartridge from the respective slot by pushing the cartridge lock lever down.
  5. Unseal the new FINE cartridge from the package and remove the protective tape in orange color from the cartridge slowly.
  6. Install the color FINE cartridge into the left slot and the black one into the right side.
  7. Now, push the lock lever of the cartridge slots up after they are placed safely in their slot.
  8. Close the output cover of the tray and the ink cartridge replacement process is complete.

How to Print Canon MB2120

This section explains how to print using the printer software application on your Windows computer.

  1. Make sure to power on your Canon MB2120 printer.
  2. Load needed papers into the input tray of the printer.
  3. Open the Printer Driver Setup window on the application you are using to print and choose a profile that you regularly use for printing.
  4. It can be selected by clicking the Quick Canon Maxify MB2120 Setup tab under Commonly Used Settings.
  5. While doing this process, values of settings such as Additional features, Media type, and Printer Paper size may also change accordingly.
  6. Choose the required print quality and complete the setup. Click OK

How to Scan on Canon MB2120

  1. Place the document or image on the printer’s scanner platen by altering your preferred settings if needed.
  2. Download, install and Start IJ Scan Utility.
  3. Click Settings to set the paper size, resolution, and more if required.
  4. Click OK to apply the changes and then click the Document tab.
  5. Now, the printer starts scanning and later save the Scanned item in a folder of your choice on your computer.

Canon MB2120 Scan to Computer

Before you proceed with the scan to computer process using your Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer, make sure that you have installed MP drivers so that your Windows system supports the same.

  1. In Mac, the scanner driver comes built-in and if it is not available, you can download it from our website.
  2. Your printer should be connected to your computer using a network. Set your preferred scan settings.
  3. The file name and the destination folder to save the scanned item can be specified in the Canon IJ Scan Utility tool.
  4. Check whether the printer is turned on which is needed to scan to computer.
  5. Choose the Scan icon on the HOME screen.
  6. Press PC and then the OK button.
  7. Choose the computer name to transfer the scanned data and press the OK button.
  8. Select the document type such as Document or Photo that you intend to scan.
  9. To alter the settings which are needed, press the Function button available on the right side of the screen.
  10. Place the scannable item either a document or photo on the scanner glass and press the Color button for scanning in color and Black for normal scanning.
  11. Now, the item you chose is scanned and saved in the destination folder provided.

Canon MB2120 Fax Setup

  1. Connect the Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer to a telephone line and set it up before you initiate fax.
  2. Keep your printer turned off and plug one end of the telephone cable into the LINE marked port of the telephone line and the other end to the telephone line jack on the wall outlet.
  3. Similarly, connect one end of the modular cable to the jack near the EXT mark of the printer and its other end to the jack of the telephone.
  4. Turn on the Canon MB2120 printer and choose Setup on the Home screen.
  5. Tap Device settings and press the OK button. Now, select Fax settings and again press OK.
  6. Go to Fax user settings->OK->Telephone line type->OK.
  7. Choose the telephone line type as Touch Tone or Rotary pulse and press the OK button.
  8. Now the fax setup is complete and you can send or receive faxes.

Canon MB2120 Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer problems provided along with the solutions below. The issues mentioned here have been faced by many of the users of Canon MB2120 printer. Resolve them with the aid of instructions provided if you come across any.

Canon MB2120 Won't Print

  1. If your Canon MB2120 printer stopped printing suddenly, the first step to try would be restarting it.
  2. Even after restarting, if it does not print, then check whether the connection between the printer and computer is lost.
  3. Go to the control panel Network settings of your computer, click the Printer tab and check whether the printer is offline.
  4. If so, enable it to become online. Still, if it is not subsidizing the problem, try to reset your printer connection.
  5. To do a hard reset, remove the connections of your printer while it is in a ready to print state.
  6. After a few minutes, connect the cables to the printer and wall outlet with its appropriate ends.
  7. If none of the above worked, consult our technicians to resolve the issue.

Canon MB2120 Reset

  1. Ensure that your Canon Maxify MB2120 setup printer is turned on while you do the reset process.
  2. Remove the power cable’s connection from both the printer and the electrical wall outlet.
  3. Do not do anything with your printer for some time so that it settles down after unplugging the power.
  4. After 60 seconds, turn on your printer by providing the power connection back and wait for it to turn on by itself.
  5. Turn it on manually if it is not starting on its own.
  6. Check whether the printer is not malfunctioning for which you do a reset in general.
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