Guide: IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer

How to Use IVY CLIQ Camera Printer?

If you’re using IVY CLIQ instant camera printer for the first time, check the following conditions and then start using it.

  1. Make sure that the printer's battery is fully charged.
  2. Check if you have installed the Canon ZINK paper on the printer. If not, install it.
  3. If required, insert the microSD into the printer.
  4. Now, you’re ready to take a photo.
  5. Take a selfie or a normal photo. As soon as you click a photo, you can print it instantly.
  6. While printing a photo, you’re allowed to take a maximum 3 photos and save them to the print queue.
  7. Once your photo gets printed, you can peel it from the ZINK paper and stick it to any surface like a book cover, back of the phone, and more. 
IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer

IVY CLIQ Instant Printer Manual Download

User Manual for IVY CLIQ Instant Camera Printer
  1. Visit the Canon printer’s official site.
  2. Select your Canon printer model from the list of printers.
  3. On your printer’s support page, click the MANUALS button.
  1. Click SELECT beside the User Manual file.
  2. Click the Download button. Now, a soft copy of the IVY CLIQ instant camera printer’s user manual will be downloaded to your computer.

IVY CLIQ Instant Printer App

There is no app available for the Canon IVY Instant Camera printer.

How to Check Battery Level?


You can check your Canon IVY Instant Camera printer’s battery life using the 2 color (green and red) LED indicators available on its control panel.

LED Indicator: RED

You can see the red indicator when the printer is charging.

LED Indicator: Green

This means, your printer’s battery level is full.

LED Indicator: Red (ashing)

When your printer’s battery level becomes 20 % or lower than it, the LED indicator will be in red (ashing).

LED Indicator: OFF

When your printer is not charging, the indicators remain OFF.'

Is a microSD Card Required for IVY CLIQ to take a Photo?

It is not necessary to insert microSD to take a photo.

There are two conditions:

  1. While taking a photo, if your IVY CLIQ Instant Camera printer has paper installed, there is no need for a MicroSD card.
  2. If the printer does not contain paper, then you can’t take a photo even if a microSD card is inserted. 

Do I need to Format a MicroSD Card before Use?

Yes! You need to format your MicroSD card before using it with the Canon IVY CLIQ Instant printer.

How do I Update the Firmware?

Firmware update is not necessary for the Canon IVY CLIQ Instant printer to work effectively.

What can I do if the Paper does not Feed?

  1. First of all, check the top cover of your printer is closed or not.
  2. If not, close it properly and then try a test print.
  3. If the paper feed issue persists, take the Canon ZINK paper out of the printer and reload it properly.
  4. Now, the paper will be fed properly.

How do I Clear a Paper Jam Issue?


You can remove the jammed paper easily out of the printer by performing the simple steps given below.

  1. First, make sure not to pull the jammed paper out of the printer manually.
  2. Recharge the printer and then turn it OFF and ON again.
  3. As soon as the IVY CLIQ Instant Camera printer turns ON, the jammed paper will come out of the product automatically.
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