How To Do Canon iR3570 Setup?

Canon iR3570 is a multi-functioning digital copier that makes use of laser technology. It can perform all basic operations like print, scan, copy, and fax. Read the procedure given below for Canon iR3570 setup

Step-1: Unpack The Printer

  1. Unbox the printer and remove all the packaging covers, ad sheets, etc.
  2. If you want to install a pedestal, remove it from the package.
  3. Now, remove all the protective materials from the outside and inside of the printer
  4. Unscrew the optical system fixing screw in the reader unit, which is located outside of the printer's right cover.
  5. Keep the screw safe for later use.
  6. Next, remove the fixing assembly release cover from the top.
  7. Do not start the printer without opening the fixing assembly release cover.

Step-2: Install The Toner Bottle

  1. Open the front cover and raise the lock lever.
  2. Take out the toner bottle from the packet and remove its cap.
  3. Insert the bottle completely into the printer and then press down the lock lever.
  4. Make sure the toner bottle is locked into a position.

Step-3: Install The Drum Unit

  1. Remove the screws holding the front cover and then slide the front cover leftwards to detach it.
  2. Take out the waste toner box and open the right unit door.
  3. Remove the lock screw of the developing assembly pressure lever.
  4. Move the developing assembly pressure lever to the left to release the pressure.
  5. Remove the dummy drum.
  6. Unpack the drum unit and remove both the drum pressure release blocks from the ends.
  7. Without touching the photosensitive portion, install the drum into the copier.
  8. Secure the drum and lower the developing assembly pressure lever to apply the pressure.
  9. Screw the developing assembly pressure lever and close the right door.
  10. Replace the waste toner box, then check if the waste toner full detection lever can move smoothly.
  11. Mount the front cover unit and screw it in position.
  12. Close the front cover and go to the next step.

Step-4: Check the copier setup

Checking the copier set up is the essential part of the Canon iR3570 setup

  1. If you have installed the pedestal, make sure to screw the adjuster wheels of the pedestal.
  2. If you haven’t installed the pedestal, take out cassette 1 and cassette 2 and adjust the screws of the base plate.
  3. Make sure the copier is stable and does not wobble.
  4. Place both the cassettes inside the printer.
Canon iR3570 Setup

Step-5: Connect The Cables

  1. Plug the power cord between a wall outlet and the printer. Then, turn ON the main switch.
  2. The printer's display panel will turn on.
  3. If the printer doesn’t turn on, press the power switch on the printer’s control panel.
  4. Once the printer is ready to operate, you could see a message appear on the screen.

Step-6: Set The Cassette

  1. Take out the cassette by pressing the release button and check the paper series selection switch.
  2. Adjust the paper size selection dial according to the paper size you are loading.
  3. Set the side guide plate lever to the paper size.
  4. Move the end guide plate in the right direction and take it out.
  5. Put the size label to the cassette's front side.
  6. Load the paper in the cassette and place the cassette into the printer.

Step-7: Stir The Toner

  1. When the printer is ready for operation, enter the service mode by pressing the User mode key. Press the keys 2 & 8 together and press the User mode key again.
  2. Set Copier > Function > Install > Toners and press the OK button.
  3. Wait until the stirring stops automatically.

Additional Steps

  1. Perform the APVC correction of the drum to make sure that the toner is not spilled inside the printer.
  2. Adjust the image position if you want to alter the margin.


Canon iR3570 Driver for Printer
  1. Download the printer driver from this page. Otherwise, visit the official Canon page to download the driver.
  2. Search the printer model and go to its support page.
  3. Under Drivers, select the operating system. Then, choose the driver you want to download, and click the Download button.
  4. Save the driver file on your computer.


User Manual for Brother MFC-L2690DW Setup
  1. The printer manual is available in PDF format online.
  2. Go to the official Canon support page and find the printer model.
  3. On the support page, click the Download button of the user manual under the Manuals section.
  4. Save the user manual on the computer.


  1. Either insert the installation CD or download printer driver on your computer.
  2. Open the driver package and double-click the driver installer file.
  3. Once the printer setup wizard window opens up, click Installation.
  1. Agree to the license agreement, choose the driver to install, and click Install.
  2. Continue with the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. 


  1. Load at least three paper in the cassette to print the configuration page.
  2. On the Control panel, press the Additional Functions button.
  3. Now, on the printer’s display, tap on Report Settings followed by Printer.
  4. Tap PCL followed by the Configuration Page button.
  5. Now, tap the Yes button for confirmation.


Steps to do Canon iR3570 setup for printing double side

  1. Before beginning the double-sided printing, enable the option on your printer as mentioned below.
  2. Press the Additional Functions button on the printer’s control panel.
  3. Now, tap Printer Settings followed by Settings.
  4. Tap the button beside 2-Sided Printing and turn it on.
  5. Now, open the document to be printed and make sure to select the 2-Sided Printing option in the print settings as well.


Secure printing is a security feature that prevents the printer from unauthorized printing jobs. The common security features are setting a password to print, setting a timeout period, and setting the printer to accept printing jobs only from secure computers.

  1. Open the document you to be printed on your computer and click the Print option.
  2. Next, select the printer model and click Preferences or Properties.
  3. In the Printing Preferences window, select Secured Print as the Output Method.
  4. Make the necessary print settings and click OK to save them.
  5. On the printer's home screen, select the Secure Print menu.
  6. Tick the checkbox of the secured document to print and tap Start.
  7. Enter the PIN for printing the document and select Apply.
  8. If there are many documents secured with the same PIN, select them and enter the PIN once.
  9. Printing starts once you enter the PIN.


Steps to do Canon iR3570 setup for scanning.

  1. Download and install the Network ScanGear software on the computer.
  2. Launch the ScanGear program and search for the available scanners or enter the scanner's IP address to find the scanner.
  3. Once the scanner and the computer are connected, select the Scan menu and choose Online on the printer's home screen.
  4. Load the document on the scanner's platen glass or in the ADF.
  5. On the ScanGear app, make the relevant scan settings and click the Scan button.


  1. On your Windows computer, create a new folder on the desktop.
  2. Right-click the folder, then select Properties to open the Properties window.
  3. Go to the Advanced Sharing screen, click Permissions, and set full control for the Change.
  4. Save the settings and then go to the printer.
  5. On the home screen, tap Scan and select Online.
  6. Load the document in the ADF or on the platen glass.
  7. Launch the ScanGear and choose the target folder as the destination.
  8. Go on to scan the document.


  1. On the printer control panel, press the User mode key and tap Preferences.
  2. Select Display Settings > Store Location Display settings and then choose On in the Memory Media menu.
  3. Tap OK and again go to the Preferences screen.
  4. Follow External interface > USB settings > Off under MEAP drivers.
  5. Insert the USB flash drive to the printer's USB port.
  6. Load the scanning document and tap Scan.


Steps to configure Canon iR3570 setup for scan to email

  1. Open the scanner's remote UI page on a browser by entering the scanner’s IP address.
  2. Once the page opens up, click the Additional Functions button and choose Custom Settings.
  3. Select the Email/Fax settings, then configure the settings, and save them.
  4. Select the User mode on the printer's screen and select Device settings/System settings.
  5. Enter the recipient's email address and message.
  6. Follow the instructions to perform the scan to email operation.


  1. The firmware for the printer is also available on the official Canon website.
  2. Visit the Canon webpage and go to the support page by finding the printer model.
  3. Under Firmware, you have to choose the operating system and then download the latest printer firmware.
  4. Run the firmware installer to complete the installation.


Proceed with the below section to do Canon iR3570 setup for network.

  1. Connect the printer and computer to the router network using the wired LAN cables.
  2. Open the driver installer file on the computer and click Installation in the setup wizard window.
  3. Select the software to be installed and click 'Search for Network Printers to Install' under Printer Installation.
  4. Use the Canon Assist Driver to find the printer model on the network.
  5. Add the printer successfully and complete the network setup.


When there is an issue on your printer, the error message and error code appears on the screen. Understand the printer error and read the user manual for the basic troubleshooting steps. If you cannot fix the problem, contact our technical team for more support.


Steps to do Canon iR3570 setup for offline mode

  1. Check if the Auto offline setting is enabled on the printer. Press the User mode button, then tap Device settings, and select Auto Online.
  2. Under Device settings, select Timer settings and tap Change Auto Clear Time. Set the maximum time limit for the printer to go offline.
  3. Make sure the printer's power connection is proper and restart the printer to bring it back online.


  1. When a paper jam occurs inside the printer, the jam error code appears on the screen.
  2. Open the drawers, covers, cassettes of the printer one by one and slowly remove the paper stuck inside.
  3. If you cannot take the paper stuck inside the printer, then turn off the printer and carefully remove it using both the hands.


When you reset the printer, all the printer settings will be erased and the default factory settings will be restored. Before you start the reset process, print the configuration page because it will help you with the printer settings.  

  1. Press the Additional Functions button.
  2. Now, on the printer’s display, tap the Printer Settings button.
  3. In the Printer Settings window, tap the Utility button.
  4. Now, tap the Reset Printer button and this will reset the printer to default factory settings. If you need remote assistance for Canon iR3570 setup, click the call button.
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