Why Canon IJ Scan Utility Cannot Communicate With Scanner?

While trying to scan a document on your Canon printer using the IJ Scan Utility, the device’s screen displays Cannot communicate with scanner error message. Effective techniques to clear this error message are provided on this website. If the Canon IJ Scan Utility cannot communicate with your scanner, follow the below steps and resolve the issue.

Cannot Communicate With Scanner
  1. When this error message appears, it indicates that the scanner is not properly connected to the computer. Otherwise, the incorrect scanner would have been chosen on the IJ Scan Utility. Before starting with the resolving steps, close the error message. Make a simple click on the Exit button and the error message will disappear.
  2. Choose the drop-down box beside your printer’s name. Click on the scanner’s name on the available list. If the printer’s name does not appear on the list, try to install the drivers again. Choose the compatible Canon printer driver and install it on your computer.
  3. After installing the printer driver, follow the above steps and check if the printer name appears on the list.
  1. If the printer name is listed, select it, and click on Ok. Now, the issue will be resolved and the Canon IJ Scan Utility will be able to communicate with the scanner.
  2. If the problem prevails, then check if the error message disappears by uninstalling the Canon IJ Scan Utility tool on your device.
  3. Leave the device idle for some time and re-install the Canon IJ Scan Utility tool. Now, try to scan the documents using the Canon IJ Scan Utility tool. If it scans, then the problem is resolved. Enjoy scanning with your Canon printer.
  4. If still the Canon IJ scan utility cannot communicate with scanner, then call us by clicking the Call button given on this site.
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