New! Brother Mfc-j1010dw Printer Setup

Have you bought a New! Brother MFC-J1010DW printer, but have no idea how to set it up? Then, read this page completely to know the printer setup process, from unboxing to the software installation, in detail.

Even if you haven’t set up a printer in the past, you can install this new multi-functional printer quickly with the step-by-step guide given below.

Brother Mfc-j1010dw Hardware Setup

To perform the hardware setup of your New! Brother MFC-J1010DW printer, just execute the steps that are given below.

Preparing The Printer

  1. Open the printer box.
  2. Check to ensure that the New! Brother MFC-J1010DW printer, genuine ink cartridges, a power cord, user guide, and warranty card are provided inside the printer box.
  3. Now, remove the packing tapes, Styrofoam pieces, and other materials from your printer to prepare it for the setup.
  4. Place your unpacked printer on a neat surface.
Brother Mfc-j1010dw Printer

Loading Paper

  1. Pull out the paper tray completely from your printer.
  2. Gently open the output tray cover.
  3. Move the guides to the ends.
  4. Load a stack of plain, photo, or any paper type of your desire into the tray.
  5. Don’t overload the tray to avoid paper jam and feed issues.

Configuring The Initial Settings

  1. Connect your Brother MFC-J1010DW printer to the nearest electrical outlet and turn it on.
  2. Configure the initial settings when prompted.
  3. Save the configured settings.

Installing The Ink Cartridges

  1. Unpack the genuine ink cartridges and install them into their slots.
  2. Perform the on-screen instructions to align the printer and choose the print quality settings correctly.

Configuring The Fax Settings

  1. If you wish to use the fax function on your Brother printer, connect it to the telephone wall outlet using the phone cord.
  2. Next, configure the fax settings as per your needs.

New! Brother Mfc-j1010dw Software Setup

Installing The Printer On A Device

For Computer

  1. Run the printer driver file on your computer.
  2. Use the Wireless or USB connection type to connect your Brother MFC-J1010DW printer to the computer.
  3. Finish the printer setup process by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

For Smartphone

  1. Connect your Brother printer and the smartphone to the same wireless network.
  2. Install and use the Brother iPrint & Scan app to set up your printer on the smartphone.

Do you need further assistance in performing the brother mfc-j1010dw printer setup? Then, contact us now by utilizing the call option we have provided on this page.

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