Brother PTD600 Label Maker Guidance

  • Make sure that the manufacturer’s seal is present on the label printer box before you begin to unbox it.
  • Take out the labeler components from the box and keep them aside.
  • The components are the Starter Tape Cassette, AC adapter, User’s guide, and USB cable.
  • "Remove" the cover of the labeler.
  • "Peel off" the transparent cover on the label printer.
  • You can execute the power connection of the labeler either by using the AC adapter or batteries.
  • For using the AC adapter, connect its one end to a power supply and the other end to the power port of the Brother PTD600 Label Maker.
  • "Open" the cover of the tape cassette and raise its lever.
  • "Unpack" the tape cassette provided in the labeler package.
  • Insert the cassette into its place of the label printer.
  • Close the cover and lever which you have opened previously.
  • "Tap" the power button on the labeler to turn it on.
  • Specify the desired language and "press" OK.
  • Also, configure the Unit and Tape Color Detection settings to complete the labeler setup.
Brother PTD600 Label Maker

Brother PTD600 Label Maker Driver Download Guidance


  • The driver in the Driver Download button includes all the Brother PT-D600 label maker related software and documents.
  • The software was released on 7th November in the year 2017.
  • The version of the driver is 1.0.004.
Driver for Brother PTD600 Windows


  • The Brother PT-D600 machine software for the Mac operating system was released on 28th September in the year 2018.
  • The version of the driver file is 1.0.5.
  • Use the driver to perform all the functions of the Brother PT-D600 labeler.
Driver for PTD600 Printer

Brother PTD600 Manual Download

Give a click on the below given Manual Download button to download the Brother PT-D600 label printer’s manual.

driver for PTD600 Printer

Brother PTD600 Driver Installation Guidance

Install the software for the Brother PT-D600 printer after downloading it. Open the driver file and follow the instructions to install the driver.

Brother PTD600 Firmware Update

Use the firmware update tool of the Brother PT-D600 labeler printer to update its software. The driver was released on 1st May in the year 2018. The size of the driver file is 2.62 MB.

Firmware Update Tool

Driver for PTD600 Printer

The firmware update software tool is not designed for the Mac operating system. You can make use of the built-in printer software on your Mac device to update the driver of the Brother PT-D600 printer.

Brother PTD600 Wifi Setup Guidance

  • The following steps explained to connect the Brother PTD600 Label Maker to computer by using the Wi-Fi Direct feature.
  • On the panel of the Brother machine, go to Menu and select the WLAN option.
  • Select Network Mode and choose Direct Mode.
  • Note the label printer name and passkey that appears on the screen.
  • Download and install the iPrint & label app on your smartphone.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your computer.
  • Choose the name of your printer & provide the password which you have noted previously.

How to Connect Brother P-Touch D600 to PC?

  • Unpack the USB cord provided in the Brother PT-D600 label printer carton.
  • Connect the cord to the USB port of the Brother printer and PC.
  • Launch the printer software on your PC.
  • Use the software to set up the USB connection.
  • Follow the prompts on the display and connect the Brother PT-D600 printer and PC.

How to Use Brother PT-D600 Labeler?

  • Firstly, power up the Brother PT-D600 printer.
  • Higptight the Create Label option and tap OK.
  • Type the numbers or letters you need to print on labels.
  • Tap the Print button.
  • Specify the number of copies you need to print by using the arrow keys and press the Print key.
  • The Brother PT-D600 label printer starts to print the label.

Guide: Brother PT-D600 Print Vertical Guidance

  • Tap the Font key on the control panel of the Brother PTD600 Label Maker.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys to select the Style option.
  • Select the left & right arrow buttons to choose the Vertical option.
  • Tap OK or Enter key to print your label vertically.
  • After configuring the Vertical option, start to print the label.

Brother PT-D600 Fax Setup Guidance

The Brother PT-D600 label cannot execute the fax function.

Brother PTD600 Label Maker Troubleshooting Guidance

Are you facing difficulty to print labels using the Brother PT-D600 printer? Do not worry, our technical experts are here to troubleshoot any problems with the Brother PT-D600 label printer. Also, find solutions for some problems with the label in the following topics.

Brother PT-D600 not Printing Guidance

  • Check if compatible Brother PT-D600 label printer driver is downloaded on your computer.
  • Restart the labeler.
  • Make sure that the tape cassette is inserted properly.
  • For more solutions to solve the Brother PT-D600 printer not printing issue, reach our technical experts.

How to Change Font Size on Brother PT-D600?

  • Tap the Function key on the control panel of the Brother PT-D600 printer.
  • Find the Size option by using the arrow keys and select it by pressing the OK or Enter button.
  • Set the desired character size configuration by using the directional keys.
  • Tap OK or Enter to set the configurations.
  • Press the Escape button to go back to the text entry screen.

Brother PT-D600 Offline Guidance

  • Check the power connection of the Brother PTD600 Label Maker.
  • Make sure that the power cable of the labeler is connected to its power port and electrical outlet directly.
  • Examine the connection between your Brother PT-D600 printer and computer.
  • For more solutions to solve the Brother PT-D600 label printer, reach our well-qualified technical experts.
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