Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup Guidance

  • Unboxing the Brother MFC-L6900DW printer carton is the first procedure in setting up the machine.
  • Remove all the packing materials from the Brother machine.
  • Set up the hardware of the printer.
  • Once you configure the hardware, configure the software for the Brother MFC-L6900DW machine.
  • Connect the Brother MFC-L6900DW setup to your computer and complete the unboxing steps.
Brother MFC-L6900DW setup

Brother MFC-L6900DW Driver and Manual Download

Download the software and manual (soft copy) of the Brother MFC-L6900DW setup by using the Driver Download and Manual Download buttons provided below. You can also install the printer software by using the built-in software on the operating system of your computer or laptop.


L6900DW Driver for Windows


L6900DW Driver for Mac

How to Install Brother MFC-L6900DW Driver?

  • The installation process should be carried out after downloading it.
  • Locate the driver file that you have downloaded on your computer and click on it to begin the installation process.
  • Execute the prompts on the screen and install the Brother MFC-L6900DW driver software.
  • Note: The procedure for the installation process depends on the operating system version of a computer or laptop.

Guide: Brother MFC-L6900DW Scan to Email

  • Load your original document for scanning on the scanner glass or ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) of the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup.
  • Tap the Scan button on the printer’s front panel.
  • Swipe and select the To E-mail option.
  • Change the scan settings by pressing Options.
  • To start the Scan function with the default settings, tap Start.
  • Tap OK Start to begin the scan to email process.

How to Connect Brother MFC-L6900DW to Wifi?

  • Ensure you know the network name and passkey of your router. Power up the router and begin the Wi-Fi setup.
  • Tap the Settings icon present on the front panel of the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup.
  • Touch the Network tile and select the WLAN option.
  • Choose Setup Wizard. When the WLAN Enable? question displays on the screen, touch Yes.
  • Provide the network name and passkey of your router when the system prompts.

How to Connect Brother MFC-L6900DW to Computer?

  • Connect the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup to the network of your router.
  • Note: Make use of the guidelines in the above topic to connect the printer to the router’s network.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your computer.
  • Choose the network name of your router and specify its passkey.
  • Double-click the driver file in the destination folder.
  • Follow the instruction and connect the devices.

How to Replace Toner in Brother MFC-L6900DW?

  • Before you begin the toner reset process, ensure that the Brother MFC-L6900DW printer is powered on.
  • Pull the access door found at the front of the Brother MFC-L6900DW machine.
  • Once you open the door, you can find the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly inside the machine.
  • Remove the assembly from the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup.
  • Use the drum unit’s green-colored lock lever and remove the cartridge.
  • Unpack the purchased new ink cartridge and take off its protective cover.
  • Insert the cartridge into the drum unit. Gently press the cartridge until it produces a click sound.
  • Fix the toner cartridge with drum unit into the Brother MFC-L6900DW machine and complete the process.

Guide: Brother MFC-L6900DW Default Password

  • The default password for the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup is initpass.
  • Refer to the following procedure to create a new password for the Brother machine.
  • Open a browser on your computer or laptop.
  • Click on the address bar and type the IP address of your printer. Tap the Enter button.
  • In the Login field, type the default password for the Brother MFC-L6900DW printer.
  • The default passkey is mentioned in the first step of this topic.
  • Go to the Administrator tab.
  • Type a new passkey in the Enter New Password field.
  • Specify the same password in the Confirm New Password field.
  • Finally, tap the Submit button.

Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup troubleshooting

Troubleshoot the problems of your Brother L6900DW Setup by availing solutions from our technical support team. You can also find solutions for some common problems of the printer in the following topics.

How to Clean Brother L6900DW Setup?

It is necessary to clean the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup regularly. Cleaning the Brother machine is not rocket science. Remove the components of the printer and wipe them by using a dry lint-free fabric. For cleaning the cartridges and drum unit of the printer, you can use the cloth moistened with glass cleaner or distilled water. Check if the components are dry before re-fixing them.

Guide: Brother MFC-L6900DW Drum Replacement

  • Pull the access cover at the front of the printer and open it.
  • Take out the toner cartridge with drum unit from the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup.
  • Gently push down the green-colored lock lever and remove the cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Unpack a new drum unit which is purchased to replace the old one.
  • Fix the removed cartridge in the drum unit.
  • Never forget to clean the corona wire of the drum unit.
  • Insert the drum unit into the Brother MFC-L6900DW machine.
  • Finally, close the access door.

How to fix Brother MFC-L6900DW not Printing Issue?

  • The Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup not printing error arises if there are any issues with the cartridges and drum unit of the machine.
  • So, you have to check the toner level of the cartridge.
  • If the toner level of the cartridge is low, replace it with a new one.
  • Check the print configuration on your computer.
  • Delete the printer software.
  • Reinstall the latest version of the machine.
  • Re-fix the printer components and check if the issue is solved.
  • For more solutions for the printer not printing issue, call our techies.

How to fix Brother MFC-L6900DW Offline Issue?

  • Check the connection of the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup.
  • Reconnect all the cables of the machine.
  • Check the status of your printer under Devices and Printers option on your computer.
  • If you have connected the Brother MFC-L6900DW printer to a Mac device, click the Apple menu.
  • Select System Preferences Print & Scan Printers & Scanners.
  • Ensure that your printer name displays on the left pane of the screen.
  • Examine the router to which your printer is connected.
  • Set the configurations of the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup to its default configurations.

Guide: Brother MFC-L6900DW Drum Reset

  • Firstly, power on your Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup.
  • Go to Settings All Settings Machine Info. Parts Life.
  • Tap and hold Drum until the message on the screen changes.
  • Press Yes.

How to Reset Brother MFC-L6900DW Printer?

  • Tap Settings All Settings Initial Setup Reset.
  • Use the arrow keys and choose the reset type which you need to execute.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Now the Brother MFC-L6900DW Setup resets to its default configurations.
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