Brother MFC-J6535DW Setup Guidance

  • Make sure that the manufacturer’s seal is present on the Brother MFC-J6535DW printer carton.
  • Unseal the carton and open it.
  • You can find the Brother MFC-J6535DW printer and its components inside it.
  • Take a stack of A4 or Letter sheets and load them in the paper tray of the printer.
  • Unpack the power cable enclosed with the printer package and connect it to the power port of the printer & electrical outlet directly.
  • Power up the printer & configure your preferences.
  • Insert the starter ink cartridges into the printer.
  • Install the software for the Brother MFC-J6535DW Setup and complete the hardware setup.
Brother MFC-J6535DW Setup

Brother MFC-J6535DW Driver Download

After setting up the hardware of the Brother MFC-J6535DW printer, you have to configure its software. Avail the software for the printer by using the Driver Download button below.

Windows users can use the button below to download the Brother MFC-J6535DW machine.

MFC-J6535DW Windows Driver Download

If you are a Mac user, click the button below to computerize the Brother MFC-J6535DW printer software.

Brother MFC-J6535DW Mac Driver Download

Brother MFC-J6535DW Manual Download

The manual is used to execute the Brother MFC-J6535DW printer functions. Click the button below to computerize the manual (soft copy) of the printer.

Brother MFC-J6535DW User Manual Download

Brother MFC-J6535DW Driver Installation

Install the software for the Brother MFC-J6535DW Setup after downloading it.Open the downloaded printer driver file on your computer or laptop. Follow the instructions and complete the process.

Guide: Brother MFC-J6535DW Toner Reset

  • Power up the Brother MFC-J6535DW setup by force pressing its power button.
  • Open the lid at the top of the printer.
  • Hold the Asterisk (*) key for 5 seconds.
  • A new menu appears on the screen.
  • Select the name of the cartridge which you need to reset.
  • Tap Reset Yes.
  • Close the lid at the top and complete the toner reset process.

Steps: MFC-J6535DW Connect with Wi-Fi Direct

  • Tap the Settings icon on the control panel of the Brother MFC-J6535DW setup.
  • Go to All Settings and select Network.
  • Choose Wi-Fi Direct PIN Code.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi Direct feature on your computer or mobile.
  • Tap OK on the printer’s panel.
  • Proceed with the prompts on the screen and complete the Wi-Fi Direct connection.

Brother MFC-J6535dw Duplex Scan Guidance

  • The following steps describe to execute the duplex scan function by using the ControlCenter2 software on your Mac computer or laptop.
  • Keep your document for scanning in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) of the printer.
  • Select Go on the Finder bar.
  • Tap Applications Brother ControlCenter.

Note: Double-click the ControlCenter option.

  • When the ControlCenter app window opens, go to Configuration and select Scan.
  • Choose your desired Scan Type.
  • Ensure that the checkbox near 2-Sided Scanning is ticked.
  • Tap OK.
  • Select Scan Start Scanning.

Steps: Brother MFC-J6535DW Scan to Email

  • You have to load your document for scanning on the scanner glass or ADF of the Brother MFC-J6535DW setup.
  • Tap Scan To PC To E-mail.
  • If you have connected the printer to the network of a router or access point, select the name of your PC.
  • Change the scan settings by using the Options key.
  • Tap Start and begin the scanning process.

Guide: Brother MFC-J6535DW Scan to Computer

  • Position your original document for scanning on the scanner glass or ADF of the Brother MFC-J6535DW setup.
  • Tap the Scan icon and select the To PC option by using the arrow keys.
  • Tap Start to scan the loaded document with default scan settings.
  • Note: To configure the scan settings, tap the Options key.

Brother MFC-J6535DW Scanner Driver Guidance

The scanner software for the Brother MFC-J6535DW machine is used to perform only the Scan function. So, the scanner driver is designed for the users who desire to execute only the scan function with the printer. Also, the storage size of the Brother MF-J6535DW setup is less when compared with other drivers.

MFC-J6535DW Scan Driver Download

The is no scanner software designed for the Windows operating system.

Brother MFC-J6535DW Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Troubleshooting guidance can be obtained from our technical support team by contacting them. You can also avail solutions for some common issues with the Brother MFC-J6535DW printer in the following topics.

Fixed: Brother MFC-J6535DW Offline

  • Examine the power connection of the Brother MFC-J6535DW setup.
  • Connect one end of the power cord to the Brother printer and an electrical outlet directly.
  • Never utilize a surge protector to execute the power connection as it may cause power fluctuations.
  • Check the status of your machine under the Devices & Printers option on your computer.

Solved: Brother MFC-J6535DW Out of Memory

  • Tap Settings on the control panel of the Brother MFC-J6535DW machine.
  • Go to All Settings Fax Setup Receive Memory Receive.
  • Tap OFF.
  • Cancel all the process of the Brother machine by tapping the STOP/EXIT key if any.
  • Open the Printing Preferences window on your computer.
  • Go to the Basic tab and select Print Quality.
  • Tap Apply OK.
  • For solutions to solve the out of memory issue with the Brother MFC-J6535DW setup, call our technical support team.
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