Brother MFC-J6530DW Setup Guidance

  • Unboxing the Brother MFC-J6530DW printer is the first process to be executed after purchasing it.
  • Before you start the process, ensure that the machine is not damaged during the shipment process.
  • Locate a flat surface in your home or office and place the Brother MFC-J6530DW printer on it.
  • Pull the paper tray of the Brother machine and load a stack of A4 sheet in it.
  • Remove the protective cover of the AC power cord.
  • Power up the Brother MFC-J6530DW machine by force pressing its power button.
  • Configure your preferences on the printer’s panel.
  • Install the cartridges into the corresponding slots.
  • After configuring the hardware of the Brother MFC-J6530DW setup, install its software and complete the setup.
Brother MFC-J6530DW Setup

Brother MFC-J6530DW Driver Download

Download the driver to enjoy all the functions of the Brother MFC-J6530DW machine. Give a click on the Driver Download button below to computerize the printer software on your computer.

Driver for Windows

MFC-J6530DW Windows Driver Download

Driver for Mac

Brother mfc-j6530dw Mac Driver Download

Brother MFC-J6530DW Manual Download

Use the Brother MFC-J6530DW setup manual to avail guidelines to set up the printer. You can also get solutions to solve any printer related problems.

Brother MFC-J6530DW User Manual Download

Brother MFC-J6530DW Scanner Driver Guidance

Use the scanner software for the Brother MFC-J6530DW setup to execute its scan function. The scanner driver file size of the Brother printer is less when compared to other software. You can also execute the scan function by using the full feature driver of the Brother MFC-6530DW printer.

Brother MFC-J6530DW Scanner Driver Download

There is no separate scanner software for the Windows operating system.

Brother MFC-J6530DW Driver Installation

Start installing the software for the Brother MFC-J6530DW machine after downloading it. Open the driver file and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Guide: Brother MFC-J6530DW Wifi Setup

  • Enable the WLAN feature by using the Network option on your Brother MFC-J6530DW setup.
  • Make sure that your router is powered on.
  • Select the Setup Wizard option under WLAN.
  • When the Enable WLAN? message displays, tap Yes.
  • Select the New SSID option. Tap OK.
  • Type the SSID of your router and tap OK.
  • Choose the Infrastructure option.
  • Select the WEP option and type the passkey of the network.
  • The LCD of the printer displays Connected when the connection is executed successfully.

How to Print A3 on Brother MFC-J6530DW?

  • Firstly, load A3 sheets in the paper tray of the Brother MFC-J6530DW machine.
  • To load the sheets, open the paper support and its flap.
  • Take out the paper tray from the printer and rest it on a flat surface.
  • Place a stack of sheets in the paper tray.
  • Note: Do not forget to load the sheets with their print side facing down.
  • Fix the sheets by adjusting the paper guides.
  • Send the data for printing to the Brother MFC-J6530DW setup.
  • Print the sheets by using the Brother printer software on your computer.

How to Scan Double-Sided on Brother MFC-J6530DW?

  • Position your document for scanning in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) of the Brother MFC-J6530DW setup.
  • Open the ControlCenter4 software on your computer which is connected to the printer.
  • After opening the software, select Brother Utilities.
  • Select the drop-down list and choose the model of your printer.
  • Choose Scan and select ControlCenter4.
  • Select Configuration and click Button Settings.
  • Tap Scan and choose your desired Scan Type.
  • Tap OK and begin the scan process by using the Scan button.

How to Print Double-Sided on Brother mfc-j6530dw?

  • Open the Brother MFC-J6530DW setup software on your computer.
  • Go to the File menu and tap Print.
  • Choose your printer name and select Printing Preferences or Properties.
  • Once you select, the Printer driver window opens.
  • Choose the Portrait or Landscape option.
  • Select the 2-Sided option using the 2-Sided/Booklet drop-down list.
  • Change the other settings and tap OK.

Guide: Brother MFC-J6530DW how to scan

  • Click the ControlCenter4 icon on the display of your computer and tap Open.
  • Go to the Device Settings tab and select Device Scan Settings.
  • Choose the scan type which you need to execute.
  • Change the scan configurations if needed.
  • Tap OK and start the scan process.
How to Scan on Brother MFC-J6530DW

Brother MFC-J6530DW Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Troubleshoot any problems with the Brother MFC-J6530DW machine by availing assistance from our technical support team. Refer to the following topic to solve the offline issue with the Brother MFC-J6530DW machine.

Guide: Brother MFC-J6530DW Printer Offline

  • Check the power connection of the Brother MFC-J6530DW setup.
  • Make sure that the AC power cord of the Brother printer is plugged to the power port of the printer and electrical outlet directly.

Note: It is advised not to use surge protector as it may cause power fluctuations.

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