Quick Assistance: Brother MFC-J5930DW Setup

  • Setting up of the Brother MFC-J5930DW printer after purchasing it is not rocket science.
  • "Find" simple procedure in the following steps to set up the machine.
  • Open the box and check if the printer and its components are present in it.
  • Take a bunch of sheets and place them in the paper tray of the machine.
  • Connect the AC power cord of the machine and turn it on.
  • Install the ink cartridge into the respective slots of the printer.
  • Download and launch the software for the Brother MFC-J5930DW setup.
  • Connect the machine to the computer or laptop and complete the setup.
Brother MFC-J5930DW Setup

Brother MFC-J5930DW Driver Download

Use the software for the Brother MFC-J5930DW machine to execute its functions. Give a click on the Driver Download button and download the Brother MFC-J5930DW printer.

MFC-J5930DW Windows Driver Download
MFC-J5930DW Mac Driver Download

Brother MFC-J5930DW Manual Download

The manual has the guidelines to set up the Brother MFC-J5930DW printer. Give a click on the button below to computerize the manual (soft copy).

Brother MFC-J5930DW User Manual Download

Brother MFC-J5930DW Driver Installation

Have you downloaded the software for the Brother MFC-J5930DW machine? If yes, begin the installation process. Open the downloaded driver file and start the installation.

How to Replace Brother MFC-J5930DW Ink Cartridge?

  • Open the ink cartridge access cover at the front of the Brother MFC-J5930DW setup.
  • Remove the cartridge which you need to replace by using its lock lever.
  • Take a new cartridge and remove its package.
  • Gently tremble the cartridge for a few seconds.
  • Insert the cartridge into its slot.
  • Make sure that the cartridge is fixed into the slot.
  • Close the access door at the front and complete the replacement process.

How to Print Envelope on Brother MFC-J5930DW?

  • Open the paper support and its flap.
  • Extend the paper tray of the printer and take it from the Brother MFC-J5930DW setup.
  • Take out the top cover from the tray.
  • Load up to 10 envelopes in the paper tray and place the top cover back into the tray.
  • Close the paper tray of the Brother MFC-J5930DW printer.
  • Pull the paper support and unfold its flap.
  • Configure the envelope size on the control panel of the printer.
  • Send the data for printing to your printer.
  • Use the Brother MFC-J5930DW printer software on your computer to print the envelope.

Guide: Brother MFC-J5930DW Wifi Setup

  • Make sure that the router is powered up.
  • Enable the wireless feature on your Brother MFC-J5930DW setup.
  • Choose the network name of the router when displays on the panel.
  • Proceed with the instructions on the panel and complete the Wi-Fi setup.

Brother MFC-J5930DW Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Troubleshoot the problems with the Brother MFC-J5930DW machine by availing assistance from our technical support team. Also, find solutions for some common issues that occur with your printer.

Guide: Brother MFC-J5930DW Offline

  • The offline issue is the most common problem that arises with the Brother MFC-J5930DW setup. This problem occurs only if there are any issues with the power connection of the printer.
  • So, examine the power connection.
  • Also, check the connection between your Brother MFC-J5930DW printer and computer.

How to Reset Brother MFC-J5930DW Printer?

  • On the front panel of the Brother MFC-J5930DW machine, tap Settings.
  • Select All Settings --> Initial Setup --> Reset.
  • Choose the reset option which you need to configure.

Guide: Brother MFC-J5930DW not Working

  • Check if the paper tray of the Brother MFC-J5930DW printer is loaded with compatible sheets.
  • Make sure that the Brother machine and computer are connected to the same network of a router or access point.
  • If you are using a USB or Ethernet cable to connect the devices, make sure that the cable is plugged to the responding ports of the Brother MFC-J5930DW setup and computer.
  • Check if the print settings on the control panel of the printer are configured correctly.

Guide: Brother MFC-J5930DW Toner Reset

  • Pull the ink cartridge access door of the Brother MFC-J5930DW setup and open it.
  • Open the Reset Menu by tapping the Clear/Back button.
  • Choose the color of the toner cartridge which you intend to reset.
  • Tap 1 to reset the cartridge.
  • Press the Clear/Back button to exit the menu and close the access cover.
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