Brother MFC-J5830DW Setup Guidelines

The Brother MFC-J5830DW setup is an amazing printer which delivers high-quality documents or images quickly. This page includes complete guidelines to set up the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer. You can also avail guidance from our technical support team by calling them.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Unboxing Setup

  • Uncrate the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer box.
  • You can find the printer manual (hardcopy), ink cartridges, cables, software CD, and Brother MFC-J5830DW printer.
  • Prefer a clean, flat surface to place the printer.
  • Find blue-colored transparent tapes on the printer and remove them.
  • Set up the hardware & software of the Brother MFC-J5830DW setup printer and complete the unboxing setup.
brother mfc-j5830dw setup

Brother MFC-J5830DW Driver Download

The driver for the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer helps your computer to interact with the machine. The driver file size varies depending on the OS version in which you are downloading the driver. Avail driver for the Brother MFC-J5830DW machine using the Driver Download button on this website for free.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Driver For Windows and Mac

The driver file extension for Windows and Mac system differ, but the downloading procedure is the same. The driver file size also varies based on the OS version of a system.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Wireless Setup

  • You can connect your printer to the computer directly by using the Wi-Fi Direct feature or through the network of a router or access point.
  • Refer to the following steps to connect your printer and computer using a router or access point.
  • Before you begin the wireless setup, ensure that your router is powered on and working properly.
  • Enable the Wireless option on your Brother MFC-J5830DW setup machine.
  • Connect your printer to the network of the router.
  • Install the software of the Brother MFC-J6830DW printer and set the wireless connection method.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Toner Reset

  • Use the power button of the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer and turn it on.
  • Raise the access door of the toner cartridge.
  • Tap the Clear or Back button present on the printer.
  • Highlight the Toner Cartridge Reset option using the arrow keys.
  • Choose the name of the toner cartridge which you need to replace and tap OK.
  • Tap 1 and press the Clean or Back button.
  • Close the access door of the Brother MFC-J5830DW setup toner cartridge.

How to Print Envelopes On Brother MFC-J5830DW?

  • Firstly, you have to load the envelopes for printing in the paper tray #1. Close the flap of the paper support if it is opened.
  • Also, close the paper support.
  • Extend the paper tray and remove it from the printer.
  • Place the tray on a flat, dust-free surface.
  • Remove the access cover at the top of the printer.
  • Place up to 10 envelopes in the tray with their print side facing down.
  • Send the data for printing to the Brother MFC-J5830DW setup printer using the software of the screen.
  • Set the print configurations in the software of the printer and start the printing process.
how to print envelopes on brother mfc-j5830dw

How to Print Double Sided On Brother MFC-J5830DW?

  • Open the software of the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer on your computer or laptop. Now open the print command window using the related option in the printer driver.
  • Choose your Brother MFC-J5830DW setup printer name and click the Printing Properties or Preferences button.
  • Ensure that you have loaded suitable paper in the paper tray.
  • Go to the Basic tab. Click the Media type drop-down list and configure the type of paper you loaded in the paper tray.
  • Configure the paper size using the Paper Size drop-down list.
  • Choose the Natural or Vivid option under the Color Mode.
  • Go to the Orientation field and select the Portrait or Landscape option.
  • Configure the number of copies you need to print in the Copies field.
  • Do not forget to set the double-sided printing option. Tap OK.
  • Follow the instructions on the display and complete the setup.

Brother MFC-J5830DW How to Scan

  • Refer to the following steps on how to scan using a flash drive.
  • Locate the scanner glass of the Brother MFC-J5830DW setup machine and keep the document for scanning.
  • Plug a USB drive into the respective port of your printer.
  • Once you plug the drive, the LCD of the printer changes.
  • Tap the Scan to Media option.
  • Change the scan settings using the Options button, if needed.
  • Tap Start to begin the scan process.
how to scan brother mfc-j5830dw printer

Brother MFC-J5830DW Scan to PC

  • Refer to the following steps to scan using the ControlCenter4 feature.
  • Prefer the scanner glass of the printer for placing the document for scanning.
  • Hope you would have downloaded the full-feature software of the printer.
  • If you have downloaded the full feature software, the ControlCenter4 feature of the machine can be accessed automatically.
  • Find the ControlCenter4 icon on your computer and select it.
  • Go to the Scan tab and click Document Type.
  • Set the Scan Size, if needed.
  • Tap Brother MFC-J5830DW setup Scan.
  • Set the Scan settings, if necessary.
  • Tap Save to save the scanned document in the desired folder on your computer.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Factory Reset

On the LCD of the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer, tap the Settings icon. Tap All Settings --> Initial Setup --> Reset. Press the OK button for few seconds and restart your Brother MFC-J5830DW machine.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Firmware Update

  • You can update the firmware of the Brother MFC-J5830DW setup printer by using the Firmware Update tool on your computer or laptop.
  • The tool searches for any updates of the software for the Brother printer and updates it automatically.
  • To update the software, you have to connect your Brother MFC-J5830DW printer and computer to the same network of any router which provides an active internet connection.
  • For updating the firmware of the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer using its control panel, refer to the following steps.
  • Locate the Settings icon on the panel and tap it.
  • Select All Settings --> Machine Info.
  • Tap the Firmware Update option.
  • Now the firmware of your machine updates by itself.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Fax Setup

  • Refer to the following steps to send a fax from your Brother MFC-J5830DW setup printer manually.
  • Prefer the scanner glass to load the document for faxing.
  • Locate the Fax button and tap it.
  • Tap Hook.
  • Now you can listen to a dial tone.
  • Type the fax number of your recipient.
  • Once you listen to fax tones, tap Fax Start.
  • Note: If you are utilizing the scanner glass for faxing your document, tap the Send button.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the problems with the Brother MFC-J5830DW printer is rocket science. Find quick solutions on this page to solve the printing issue with the printer. You can also contact our techies and avail more solutions to fix any issues related to the Brother MFC-J5830DW machine.

Brother MFC-J5830DW Not Printing

  1. Make sure that the ink cartridges of the printer are inserted and working adequately.
  2. Examine the connection between the devices.
  3. If you are using a router for connecting the devices, make sure that the device is in an active state and providing an active internet connection.
  4. Also, verify the power connection of the Brother MFC-J5830DW setup printer.
  5. It is not advised to use a surge protector for executing the power connection as it can cause power fluctuations.
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