Brother MFC-J5330DW Setup

The Brother MFC-J5330DW printer delivers documents with high-quality. This printer has multiple connectivity options. This page encloses guidelines to configure the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer. It also includes solutions to fix any issues regarding the Brother machine. You can also call our experts and avail guidance to set up the Brother MFC-J5330CW printer. Our experts also troubleshoot any issues that are related to the Brother machine.

brother mfc-j5330dw setup

How to Install Brother MFC-J5330DW Printer

  • Unpack the printer box which is bought from the manufacturer’s store.
  • Once you open the box, you can find the printer and its components in it.
  • The components are the installation CD, AC power cable, telephone cord, cartridges, and quick setup guide (hardcopy).
  • Load plain, white A4 sheets in the paper tray of the printer.
  • Execute the power connection.
  • Power up the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer by using its power button.
  • Set your preferences on the printer’s panel.
  • Insert the cartridges in the respective slots.
  • Set up the telephone line cord.
  • Download & install the full feature software for the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer.
  • Connect your Brother printer & computer and complete unboxing setup.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Driver and Manual Download

The driver is used to execute the functions of the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer. You can download the printer software from this site for free. The softcopy of the manual is also offered on this site.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Driver For Windows and Mac

The driver file for the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer to be computerized on the Windows system is in the .exe format. For the Mac system, the extension of the driver file is in the .pkg or .dmg format.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Wireless Setup

  • Refer to the following steps to link your printer and computer wirelessly.
  • Tap the Settings icon on the touchscreen of the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer.
  • Select the All Settings tile.
  • Choose Network --> Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select the Manual option.
  • Now a network name (SSID) and password display on the screen.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your computer.
  • Select the network name that appeared on the touchscreen of the Brother machine.
  • Provide the password when the computer prompts.
  • The Brother MFC-J5330DW printer and computer are connected.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Print from USB

  • Insert a USB flash drive into the respective port of your Brother MFC-J5330DW printer.
  • On the machine’s control panel, select JPEG Print --> Select Files.
  • Choose the picture you want to print by using the directional keys and tap it.
  • Note: For printing all the photos in the drive, select the Print All option and tap Yes.
  • Set the number of copies you desire to print.
  • Tap OK.
  • Go through the guidelines on the screen.
  • Change the print configurations by using the Print Settings option.
  • Tap OK, and press Start to print photos from the USB drive.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Toner Replace

  • Locate the ink cartridge access cover and open it.
  • Find the lock release lever to take the cartridge out of the printer.
  • Take a new cartridge from its package.
  • After removing the cover of the cartridge, tremble the cartridge for 15 times.
  • Insert the cartridge into the Brother MFC-J5330DW machine.
  • You have to push the cartridge until it locks into its place.
  • Close the access cover.
  • Now the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer resets the ink dot counter.
  • Load the A3 sheets in the tray2 of the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer.
  • Tap Menu on the touchscreen of the printer.
  • Click General Setup --> Tray Settings --> Tray#2 --> A3 (as paper size).Tap OK --> Stop/Exit.
  • Open the document to be printed on the A3 sheets in any word application on your computer.
  • Locate the File menu and click it.Tap Print and select Properties.
  • Set the Paper Size as A3.Configure the Paper Source as Auto Select. Tap OK. Now the Brother MFC-J5330DW machine begins to print on the A3 sheets.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Double Sided Print Setup

  • Use the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer software and open the print command window.
  • Ensure that the name with the model number of your machine is selected.
  • Select the Printing Properties or Preferences option.
  • Ensure that you have loaded suitable sheets in the paper tray of the printer.
  • Go to the Basic tab.
  • Select the Media Type drop-down list and configure the paper type which you have loaded in the paper tray.
  • Also, set the configurations like the Paper Size, and Color Mode.
  • Go to the Orientation field and choose the Portrait or Landscape option.
  • Provide the number of copies you need to print in the Copies field.
  • Never forget to set the double-sided printing option.
  • Change the other settings and click OK.

How to Scan On Brother MFC-J5330DW

  • Load the document for scanning on the scanner glass of the Brother MFC-J5330DW machine.
  • Tap Scan --> To PC --> To Image.
  • Choose the name of your computer to which you are going to save the scanned document.
  • Modify the scan configurations, if necessary.
  • Note: Make use of the Options button to change the scan settings.
  • Tap the Start button to initialize the scanning process.
  • Once the scanning is done, you can save the scanned document in the desired folder on your computer.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Scan to Email Setup

  • Prefer the scanner glass of the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer for loading the document for scanning.
  • Locate the Scan option on the printer’s panel and select it.
  • Select To PC --> To E-mail.
  • Choose the name of the destination computer.
  • Tap Options to change the scan settings if needed.
  • Select the Set At Device option. Tap OK.
  • Press the Start button.The Brother MFC-J5330DW printer scans your document and saves it as a file.
  • The machine installs your email app and creates a new mail with the scanned file as an attachment.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot any issues with the printer by contacting our technical experts. Also, find troubleshooting solutions for the printer goes offline, and machine not printing issues in the following topics. If you find it more difficult to solve any Brother MFC-J5330DW printer related issues, call our technical support team and avail easy and instant solutions.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Printer Offline

  1. The offline issue is the most common problem that occurs in any printers. The universal solution for the printer offline issue is resetting the machine.
  2. The major causes for the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer offline issues are the improper power supply and poor connection between your printer and computer.
  3. So, it is mandatory to check the link between the devices.
  4. If you have linked the devices utilizing the network of a router or access point, check if the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer and computer are connected to the same network.
  5. Also, it is mandatory to check if the router is providing an active internet connection.
  6. If you feel that the router is not providing a proper internet connection, try connecting the devices using another network, and solve the issue.
  7. If you are connecting the devices using the wired method, make sure that the connecting cable is plugged to the respective ports of the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer and computer.
  8. Also, examine the power connection of the Brother machine.
  9. It is advised not to use a surge protector for connecting the power cable because it may cause power fluctuations.

Brother MFC-J5330DW Not Printing

  1. Make sure that the cartridges are inserted into the corresponding slots.
  2. Also, ensure that the cartridges are working properly.
  3. Check the print settings in the software of the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer.
  4. Make sure that enough sheets are loaded in the input tray of the Brother MFC-J5330DW machine.
  5. Check the connection between the devices.
  6. Execute a print function and check if the Brother MFC-J5330DW printer not printing issue is solved.
  7. If you find it difficult to solve the Brother machine not printing issue, call our techies and avail more solutions.
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