Brother MFC-7840W Setup Guidance

  • Remove the Brother MFC-7840W printer from its package.
  • "Pull" the access door at the front of the machine.
  • Remove the drum unit & toner cartridge provided in the printer package.
  • "Tremble the cartridge" several times and fix it into the drum unit.
  • Fix the drum unit with cartridge into the Brother MFC-7840W printer.
  • Close the access cover after fixing the drum unit.
  • Load the paper tray of the Brother machine with compatible sheets.
  • "Connect" the power cable of the Brother machine.
  • "Turn on" the Brother MFC-7840W setup and set your preferences on its control panel.
  • Install the software for the printer and executes its connection.
Brother MFC-7840W Setup

Guide: Brother MFC-7840W Driver Download

Brother MFC-7840W Driver for Windows

Brother MFC-7840W Windows Driver Download

Brother MFC-7840W Driver for Mac

Brother MFC-7840W Mac Driver Download

Use the Driver Download buttons provided above to computerize the Brother MFC-7840w printer software on your computer or laptop.

Brother MFC-7840W Manual Download

Download the manual for the Brother MFC-7840W machine using the Manual Download button below.

Brother MFC-7840W User Manual Download

The manual includes guidelines to configure the Brother MFC-7840W printer. It also has solutions to fix any problems with the Brother machine.

How to Install Brother MFC-7840W Driver?

The installation process can be carried out after downloading the software for the Brother MFC-7840W setup. Locate the Brother printer driver file that you have downloaded on your computer and click on it. Follow the guidelines and complete the installation process.

How to Change Toner Cartridge on Brother MFC-7840W Priner?

  • Pull the access door at the front of the Brother MFC-7840W setup.
  • Pull out the toner cartridge & drum unit from the printer and remove them.
  • Take off the toner cartridge from the drum unit using the green-colored lock lever.
  • Take a new cartridge and remove it from the package.
  • Gently tremble the cartridge to distribute the toner inside it evenly.
  • Remove the protective cover of the toner cartridge.
  • Fix the cartridge in the drum unit until it produces a click sound.
  • Wipe the corona wire of the drum unit inside the drum unit.
  • Re-fix the drum unit. Close the access cover at the front which is opened previously and complete the toner cartridge replacement process.

How to Connect Brother MFC-7840W Printer to Wifi?

  • Enable the wireless option on your computer.
  • Turn on your router and ensure if it is providing a strong internet connection.
  • Once you enable the option, the Brother MFC-7840W printer searches for the network of the router.
  • Choose the network name and specify its passkey.
  • Follow the guidelines and setup the wireless connection on the Brother MFC-7840W setup.

How to Print Wirelessly on Brother MFC-7840W Setup?

  • Firstly, connect your Brother MFC-7840W printer and computer to the respective network of a router or access point.
  • Open the print command window by using the Brother MFC-7840W printer software on your computer.
  • Choose the name and model of your Brother MFC-7840W Setup.
  • Set the print configurations by using the Print option.
  • Hope you would have loaded the original document for printing in the paper tray of the printer.
  • Click Print and start the printing process.

How to Print Double-Sided on Brother MFC-7840W Printer?

  • Open the print command window using the software for the Brother MFC-7840W Setup.
  • Click File on the screen & choose the Print option.
  • The Print option may vary based on the OS version of your computer or laptop.
  • Choose the name and model of your printer.
  • Change the print settings.
  • Set the Portrait or Landscape option in the Orientation field.
  • Click on the 2-Sided or Booklet drop-down list and choose the 2-Sided option.
  • Select the 2-Sided Settings button.
  • Change the other settings if needed and start to execute the duplex function.

How to Print Envelopes on Brother MFC-7840W?

  • Firstly, load the envelope to be printed in the manual feed slot of the Brother MFC-7840W printer.
  • Open the printer’s back cover.
  • Leave the printer to cool down for 10 minutes.
  • Open the manual feed slot door at the front of the Brother MFC-7840W printer.
  • Load one envelope in the slot with its print side faces up.
  • Adjust the guides to the size of the envelope.
  • Sent the data to be printed to the Brother MFC-7840W setup.
  • Use the Brother MFC-7840w machine software on your computer to configure the print settings.
  • Locate the Print option and select it to print the loaded envelope.

How to Clean Brother MFC-7840W Printer?

Clean the Brother MFC-7840W printer by using a dry lint-free cloth. You can clean the outer surface of the machine using the dry cloth. The components like the toner cartridge and drum unit can be cleaned by using a lint-free cloth dipped in glass cleaner or distilled water.

How to Scan on Brother MFC-7840w?

  • Using the scanning process, you can convert your original document to the digital format. Refer to the following steps to execute the scan function with the Brother MFC-7840W setup.
  • You have to place the document to be scanned on the flatbed glass, or in the feeder of the machine.
  • Click the Start menu on your Windows system and select All Programs.
  • Choose your printer name and select the ControlCenter option.
  • Select the Advanced mode and tap OK.
  • Click the Scan tab at the top left corner.
  • Choose the related option and start scanning the loaded document.

How to Scan Multiple Pages on Brother MFC-7840W Printer?

  • Keep the multiple paged document in the document feeder of the Brother MFC-7840W setup.
  • Click the Apple menu on the top left corner of your Mac device.
  • Select System Preferences. Select Scanner & Printer in the pop-up window on the screen.
  • Tap the Scan button.
  • Click the Open Scanner button.
  • Set the scan settings like the Scan Mode, Kind, Resolution, Size To, Name, and more.
  • Tap Scan to scan the loaded multiple paged document.

How to Reset Brother MFC-7840W Printer?

  • Pull the access cover at the front of the Brother MFC-7840W setup.
  • Tap the Clear or Back key.
  • Now the display of the printer views the Replace Drum? question.
  • Type *00 keys.
  • The printer displays Accepted.
  • Close the access door.
  • Now the toner counter of the printer resets to its default settings.

Why is my Brother MFC-7840W Printer Offline?

  • The Brother MFC-7840W printer goes offline when there are any power connection issues with it.
  • So, it is necessary to check the power connection of the Brother MFC-7840W setup.
  • Make sure that the power cable of the printer is connected to the respective ports of the Brother machine and power supply directly.
  • It is not advised to utilize a surge protector for executing the power connection as it may cause power fluctuations.

How to Align a Brother MFC-7840W Printer?

  • Tap the Ink Level icon and select the Test Page option.
  • Touch the Alignment button.
  • Tap the Start button on the front panel of the printer.
  • Now the Brother MFC-7840w setup prints a test page.
  • Check for the printhead alignment on the test page.
  • Arrange the cartridge by using a related option and align the Brother MFC-7840W printer.

How to Reset Drum on a Brother MFC-7840W Printer?

  • Reset the drum unit of the Brother MFC-7840W setup by powering it on.
  • You have to pull the front door of the printer.
  • Tap the Clear or Clear/Back button on the front panel.
  • Press 1 to reset the drum counter of the printer.
  • If you cannot find the numeric keypad for pressing 1, tap the up arrow button to execute the reset process.
  • Close the door which you have opened previously when the Accepted message displays on the panel.
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