Steps To Do Brother MFC-5890CN Setup

Brother MFC-5890CN is a professional series color inkjet all-in-one printer that can deliver large size printing via Ethernet and USB connection. If you have got the Brother MFC-5890CN printer, then here are the quick setup instructions for it. Use them and do Brother MFC-5890CN setup quickly.

Brother MFC-5890CN Setup

Instructions For Setup Brother MFC-5890CN Printer


  1. Eliminate the protective materials from the printer.
  2. Remove the film covering the scanner glass.
  3. Confirm that all the components are shipped with the printer and that they are not damaged.

Load The Media In The Paper Tray

  1. Check for the paper requirements. Make sure the media that you want to load in the printer is compatible with it.
  2. Now, pull the paper tray out and open the paper tray cover.
  3. Take a stack of paper, gently slide the paper width guides, and then place the paper in it.
  4. Before loading the media, ensure to fan them. This is to prevent paper jams and paper feed issues.
  5. Adjust the paper width guides and close the paper tray.

Connect Power Cord To The Printer

  1. Get the power cord that was shipped with the printer.
  2. Hold the power cord’s one end and connect it to the printer. Connect its other end to the wall socket. Press the Power button and switch on the printer.

Brother MFC-5890CN Setup For Ink Cartridges Installation

  1. Make use of the manufacturer’s genuine ink cartridges in your printer to prevent printer issues.
  2. Do not attempt to refill the used ink cartridges. Also, avoid third-party ink cartridges.
  3. Now, open the ink cartridge cover and remove the green protective part.
  4. Take the Brother MFC-5890CN printer’s ink cartridge out from its package.
  5. Locate the green knob available on the protective yellow cap and turn it in the clockwise direction; it now clicks to release the vacuum seal. Once done, remove the cap.
  6. Ensure the ink cartridge’s color matches the color on the lever.
  7. The ink cartridge should be inserted in the direction of the arrow displayed on the label.
  8. Push the ink cartridge until it fixes properly. Then close the Brother MFC-5890CN printer’s ink cartridge cover.

Download And Install Printer Software

  1. Once done with all the above setup steps, get a compatible printer driver and install it on your PC. Only then the Brother MFC-5890CN can be operated as you wish.
  2. Instructions on downloading and installing the best printer driver are detailed under the driver download topic.

Brother MFC-5890CN Setup For Driver Download

Driver for  Printer

After setting up the printer using the above setup instructions, continue to download and install the latest version software on your PC, depending on its version.

  1. To get an updated and compatible printer driver for your Windows computer, locate the Driver Download button on the page and click on it.
  2. The most compatible driver immediately downloads on the PC and saves in the Download’s folder.
  3. Open the downloaded file and then begin the installation.
  4. The driver installation process progresses with a set of prompts on the screen.
  5. Do as per the prompts. When prompted, choose a suitable connection type, if prompted.
  6. After connecting the Brother printer and your computer, you can proceed with the rest of the installation steps.
  7. The installation setup completes after all the on-screen instructions are completed.
  8. Also, the printer driver can be installed using the manufacturer’s installation CD. Load the CD into the PC and finish the on-screen instructions. Finally, the device’s driver installs on the PC.
  9. For assistance in downloading the driver and installing it on your Windows PC, contact our experts via the toll-free number.

Brother MFC-5890CN driver mac – steps

Steps to do Brother MFC-5890CN setup for downloading the driver on Mac.

Driver for  Printer

The updated version of the Brother MFC-5890CN driver compatible with the Mac PC is available here. Download and install the driver and enjoy error-free printer functions.

  1. Search for the Mac driver Download button on this page. It will be located below these instructions.
  2. Tap on that button to download the compatible printer driver.
  3. The Brother MFC-5890CN driver downloads on your Mac computer and saves in the Download’s folder.
  4. Locate the downloaded file and open it.
  5. The driver installation begins on the Mac device.
  6. Continue with the on-screen prompts and choose a connection type when prompted.
  7. The Brother MFC-5890CN driver installation completes on the Mac PC after completing all the on-screen instructions.
  8. If there is an issue while installing the driver on your Mac computer, get our experts help via Toll-free number to resolve the problem.

Brother MFC-5890CN Manual Download

User Manual

The manual guide is important for all printer users. It is the best reference anyone can have to operate the device without any trouble.

  1. The user manual is usually supplied with the printer at the shipment time. Use the instructions given in it to set up the printer, perform all the required tasks, and troubleshoot the problems.
  2. If the manufacturer’s manual is unavailable or lost, then here we provide you with an updated one. Click on the Manual Download button and the updated latest version printer manual downloads on the Download’s folder of your PC.
  1. This user manual comprises of complete printer related information. It guides you on how to operate the printer, tackle issues, and handle the device with proper care.
  2. Also, you can contact us via the toll-free number to avail Brother MFC-5890CN printer support. You can also avail remote assistance if required.

Brother MFC-5890CN Wireless Setup

Procedure to do Brother MFC-5890CN setup for wireless connection.

The Brother MFC-5890CN printer does not support wireless network connection. Instead, use these instructions to connect the printer to a wired network using an Ethernet cable. This printer is designed to support Ethernet Network Interface.

  1. Download the printer driver on your computer.
  2. Begin the driver installer on your device.
  3. When the Connection type dialog box displays on the screen, choose Wired Network Connection (Ethernet).
  4. Tap on Next. Follow the remaining on-screen prompts and finish the installation.
  5. While connecting the LAN cable, ensure that the printer is switched off.
  1. The LAN cable should be plugged-in to the printer’s LAN port that is available on the device’s rear.
  2. Also, ensure that the LAN cable is connected to the active LAN port on the network.
  3. Switch on the Brother MFC-5890CN printer.
  4. Install the P-touch Editor and start it.
  5. Now, the printer and the computer will be connected over the Ethernet.

Brother MFC-5890CN Troubleshooting

While Brother MFC-5890CN setup, you may encounter some problems. Refer to the steps below to fix it.

The Brother MFC-5890CN all-in-one printer can be utilized to perform printing, scanning, faxing, and copying tasks. In spite of its all professionalized qualities, it might sometimes encounter technical or hardware related issues. Though it is handled with proper care, there might be some issues occurring often. To tackle all those issues, our experts are available here. To avail our experts’ help, dial the toll-free number and get remote assistance.

Some Common Issues

  1. Printer might stop printing
  2. All printing related issues
  3. Unknown error codes
  4. Copying issue
  5. Scanning and faxing problem
  6. Driver installation issues
  7. Network setting problems

The troubleshooting solutions for all the above-mentioned issues are addressed on the printer manual available on this site. Quickly download the user manual from here and resolve all the printer problems.

troubleshooting solutions

Brother MFC-5890CN Not Printing

Sometimes you may face not printing issue while Brother MFC-5890CN setup. carry out the steps below to fix it.

When you try to print something with the Brother MFC-5890CN printer, it might not print anything. Before getting into the troubleshooting solutions, check for these things beforehand

  1. Check if the installed ink cartridges in the Brother MFC-5890CN are genuine, and not refilled or any third-party cartridges.
  2. Make sure the installed media is compatible with the printer. If all the above-given conditions are satisfied, then continue with the troubleshooting instructions below.
  3. Check if there is proper communication between the printer and the computer.
  1. Ensure there are no error messages displayed on the device’s screen.
  2. Check the connection to the access point or router. Reconnect the devices if necessary.
  3. Confirm that the ink cartridges are inserted properly in the correct slots.
  4. Make sure the print settings are correctly configured.
  5. Ensure that the print media you have loaded is compatible with your printer. If you still have any queries on Brother MFC-5890CN setup, click tha call button.
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