Easy Procedure For Brother HL-L5000D Setup

The Brother HL-L5000D Setup is mainly designed for home and small office use. This printer has features like Duplex printing, Wi-Fi Connectivity, LCD, and multi-purpose displays. It is a reliable printer which produces high-quality documents and images. This site provides all the information regarding the printer. You can also contact our technical support team to avail more details regarding the Brother HL-L5000D printer.

How to Setup Brother HL-L5000D

  1. Open the printer box.
  2. You can find the printer components in it.
  3. The printer components are the installation CD, AC power cable, software CD, manual (hard copy), drum unit, and toner cartridge.
  4. Take the components and keep them aside.
  5. Remove the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer from the box and place it on a flat surface.
  6. Remove the packing materials and tapes from the printer.
  7. Unpack the drum unit & toner cartridge assembly provided in the printer box.
  8. Insert the cartridge into the printer.
  9. Load the paper tray of the printer which enough sheets.
  10. Unpack the AC power cord provided in the printer box.
  11. Insert the cord into the printer and power supply.
  12. Tap the power button and turn on the printer.
brother hl-l5000d setup

Brother HL-L5000D Driver Download

Download the software of the Brother HL-L5000D printer using the Driver Download button on this page. You can also go to the manufacturer’s site and download the Brother HL-L5000D printer software. You can also make use of the installation CD enclosed with the printer package to download the software of the printer.

Brother HL-L5000D Driver For Mac

The Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer software is available in the OS of your system. The driver file extension varies based on the operating system of a computer or laptop. The extension of the driver file for the Mac operating system is .dmg or .pkg.

Brother HL-L5000D Driver Windows

Make use of the built-in software on your Windows system to download the printer driver. The printer software is in the .exe format.

Brother HL-L5000D Driver Install

You can initialize the installation process after downloading the software of the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer. The procedure for installing the printer software varies depending on the OS version of your computer or laptop.

Brother HL-L5000D USB Setup

  • Disconnect the USB cable from your Brother HL-L5000D printer if connected.
  • Ensure that you have downloaded the recent version of the Brother HL-L5000D printer software on your computer.
  • Start installing the printer software.
  • Double-click the driver file in the destination folder on your computer to begin the installation process.
  • Set your language and country when the system prompts. Tap Next.
  • Glance through the License Agreement and accept it by ticking its checkbox. Select the connection method as wired.
  • Unpack the USB cable provided in the printer package.
  • Connect the cable to the respective ports of the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer and computer when the system prompts.
  • Click Next.
  • Power up your Brother printer by force pressing its power button.
  • Select your printer name in the list that displays on the screen.
  • Configure the installation type.
  • Carry on with the instructions on the screen and complete the USB setup.

How to Connect Brother HL-L5000D

  • Connect the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer to a network of a router or access point by using the following guidelines.
  • Firstly, turn on your Brother printer by force pressing its power button.
  • Install the software of the printer if you have not installed yet.
  • Choose the connection method as wireless.
  • Select Wireless Network Connection (Wi-Fi) when displays on the screen and tap Next.
  • Choose the network name of your router.
  • Provide the network’s passkey when the system prompts.
  • Follow the guidelines on the screen and complete the process.

Brother HL-L5000D Replace Toner

  • Begin the toner cartridge replacement process by turning on the Brother HL-L5000D printer.
  • Raise the access door at the front of the printer.
  • Take out the toner cartridge with the drum unit assembly from the printer.
  • Gently push the green-colored lock lever and remove the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Take a new cartridge which is bought from the manufacturer’s store and unpack it.
  • Do not forget to remove the protective wrappers on the cartridge.
  • Insert the toner cartridge into the drum until it produces a click sound.
  • You can find a green-colored tab on the drum unit.
  • Slide the tab left to right and vice versa to clean the corona wire present inside the drum unit.
  • Insert the drum unit with the toner cartridge into the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer.

How to Print on Brother HL-L5000D

  • Open the document you need to print using any word application on your computer.
  • It is mandatory to connect your printer and computer to perform the print function. Locate the Print option and click it to open the Print Command window.
  • Tap the Printing Properties or Preferences option.
  • Ensure that you have loaded suitable sheets in the paper tray.
  • Set the print settings like the Paper Size, Orientation, Media Type, and more.
  • Tap OK to start the print process.

Brother HL-L5000D Drum Reset

  • Turn on the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer to begin the drum reset process.
  • Raise the access cover at the front of the printer.
  • Find the OK button and hold it until the Drum Unit displays on the screen. Tap OK.
  • Tap the up arrow button to reset the drum counter.
  • Close the access cover at the top and complete the drum reset process.

Brother HL-L5000D Toner Reset

  • Open the access cover present at the front of the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer.
  • Power up the Brother printer by using its power button.
  • Hold the Go button by turning on the printer.
  • Now all the lights on the printer turn on.
  • Release the Go button.
  • Tap the Go button for 2 times.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Again press the Go button for 5 times.
  • The light of the toner cartridge turns off.
  • The paper light starts to flash.
  • Close the access door.
  • Only the ready light turns on.
  • The toner of the cartridge resets to its default settings.

Brother HL-L5000D Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the process of fixing any problems that arise with the Brother HL-L5000D printer. You can find solutions to solve the problems that occur with the Brother HL-L5000D printer in the following topics. You can also avail more solutions from our technical support team by contacting them.

Brother HL-L5000D Not Printing

  1. Check if the Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer is not in an offline state.
  2. Go to Settings on your computer.
  3. Click Control Panel --> Hardare and Sound --> View Devices and Printers.
  4. Right-click on the name of your printer.
  5. Select the See What’s Printing option.
  6. Ensure that the Use Printer Offline option is not marked.
  7. Check if the cartridges of the printer are working correctly.

Brother HL-L5000D Offline

  1. Check the connection between your Brother HL-L5000D Setup printer and computer.
  2. If you link the devices using a network, ensure that the printer and computer are connected to the same network.
  3. For connecting the devices using a wired connection, check if the cable is connected to the respective port of the printer and power supply.
  4. Ensure that the paper tray is loaded with suitable sheets.
  5. For more solutions to fix the offline issue, call our technical experts and avail more solutions.
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