Brother HL-L2361DN Setup Guidance

  • Remove the wrappers of the Brother HL-L2361DN pinter carton.
  • Before removing the wrapper, make sure that the manufacturer’s seal is present in the printer box.
  • Open the box and take out the Brother machine and its components.
  • "Place" the Brother HL-L2361DN printer on an even surface.
  • "Remove" the packing materials from inside & outside the printer.
  • "Load" the paper tray of the Brother machine with suitable sheets.
  • "Connect" the power cable of the Brother HL-L2361DN machine to an electrical outlet directly.
  • "Launch" the software for the Brother machine.
  • "Connect" the Brother HL-L2361DN setup and computer.
Brother HL-L2361DN Setup

Brother HL-L2361DN Driver Download

Brother HL-L2361DN Driver for Windows

Driver for Brother HL-L2361DN Windows
  • Release date: 10th March in the year 2015.
  • Language: English.
  • Version: D1.

Brother HL-L2361DN printer software for Mac

Driver for HL-L2361DN Printer
  • Date of launch: 26th September in the year 2018.
  • Version: 1.11.
  • Language: English.

Brother HL-L2361DN Driver for Linux

  • The driver for the Linux OS includes LPR, CUPS wrapper, and scanner software.
  • The software was launched on 13th September in the year 2018.
  • Version: 2.2.1-1.
Driver for HL-L2361DN Printer

Brother HL-L2361DN Driver Installation

The Brother HL-L2361DN printer driver installation process can be carried out after downloading its software. You can obtain the software from the above given steps. Open the file and install the Brother printer software.

Guide: Brother HL-L2361DN Toner Replacement

  • Begin the toner cartridge replacement by turning on the Brother HL-L2361DN setup.
  • Raise the access cover at the front of the machine.
  • Take out the toner cartridge along with the drum unit assembly from the Brother machine.
  • Push the (green-colored) lock lever & remove the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Take a newly bought toner cartridge and unpack it.
  • Remove the protective door from the cartridge and fix it into the printer.
  • Re-fix the drum unit into the respective place of the printer.
  • Close the cover which you have opened previously and complete the toner cartridge replacement process.

Brother HL-L2361DN Wifi Setup Guidance

  • Select Setup Wizard under the Network option on the control panel of the Brother HL-L2361DN printer.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen and connect your Brother HL-L2361DN printer to the network of your router.

Brother HL-L2361DN Scanner Driver Download

No scanner driver is available for the Brother HL-L2361DN setup. Make use of the full feature software to execute the scan function of the machine.

Brother HL-L2361DN Setup Troubleshooting

Are you finding solutions to fix any issues with the Brother HL-L2361DN printer? You are in the right destination. Call our well-qualified technical experts for simple guidance to fix the printer problems.

Fixed: Brother HL-L2361DN Offline

  • Examine the power connection of the Brother HL-L2361DN printer.
  • Check if the AC power cord of the machine is plugged to the respective port of the Brother machine and power source directly.
  • Never connect the power cable to a surge protector as it may cause power fluctuations.
  • Check if the power source is not producing power fluctuations.
  • For more details to solve the offline issue with the Brother HL-L2361DN Setup, reach our technical support team.

Fixed: Brother HL-L2361DN Toner Reset

  • Raise the access door at the front of the Brother HL-L2361DN printer and keep it opened until you complete the toner reset.
  • Power off the Brother HL-L2361DN printer if it is turned on previously.
  • Press & hold the Go button while powering on the Brother machine.
  • Release a hold button after 3 seconds.
  • Now the User Mode option on the front panel of the printer.
  • Tap the Go button for 9 times.
  • Close the access door which you have opened previously.
  • The toner of the Brother HL-L2361DN setup resets by itself.

Reset Drum on Brother HL-L2361DN

  • Ensure that the Brother HL-L2361DN printer is powered on before you begin the reset process.
  • Open the front access cover of the Brother machine.
  • Hold the OK button until the panel displays the Drum Unit option. Tap OK.
  • Tap the Up arrow button to view the Reset option.
  • After the Brother HL-L2361DN printer resets the drum unit, close the cover at the front.

How to Reset Brother HL-L2361DN Printer?

  • Find the Reset option on the front panel of the Brother HL-L2361DN setup by using the directional keys and select it. Tap OK.
  • Select the Factory Reset option. Press OK.
  • Tap up directional key to confirm the reset process.
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