Brother HL-L2305W Setup Guidance

  • The first & foremost process you have to do after purchasing the Brother HL-L2305W printer is to ensure that the machine is not damaged.
  • Open the printer carton and remove the machine from its box.
  • Place the printer on your desk.
  • Remove all the packing components from it.
  • Insert the toner cartridge into the Brother HL-L2305W printer.
  • You have to place suitable sheets in the paper tray of the Brother machine.
  • Plug the power cable to the printer & electrical outlet directly.
  • Power up the Brother HL-L2305W machine and set your preferences on the control panel.
  • Install the software for the printer. Execute the connection and complete the Brother HL-L2305W setup.
Brother HL-L2305W Setup

Steps: Brother HL-L2305W Driver Download

Brother HL-L2305W Driver for Windows

hl l2305w Windows driver download

Brother HL-L2305W printer driver for the Mac OS version

hl l2305w Mac Driver Download

Locate the Driver Download button present below the OS of your computer and click on it to computerize the software for the Brother HL-L2305W machine.

Brother HL-L2305W Manual Download

The Brother HL-L2305W printer Wi-Fi setup is the most difficult process to execute. Find easy & simple guidelines for the Wi-Fi setup and other instructions to execute any process of the Brother HL-L2305W setup in its manual. Tap the button below to download the manual (.pdf) on your computer.

Brother HL-L2305W User Manual Download

How to Install Brother HL-L2305W Driver Software?

You can enjoy the functions of the Brother HL-L2305W setup only after installing its software. Procedure to install the printer software on various OS versions is different. Open the computerized printer driver and get the software installed on your computer.

How to Connect Brother HL-L2305W Printer to Wifi

  • Find the network name and passkey of your router and note them down.
  • Connect your PC to the router’s network.
  • Install the software for the Brother HL-L2305W setup.
  • Double-click the driver file to open it.
  • Configure your preferences and follow the prompts.
  • Choose the Wireless Network connection option in the Connection Type screen.
  • Follow the process by pressing the Next button.
  • Carry on with the procedure on the display.
  • Tap the Wi-Fi button on the front panel of the Brother HL-L2305W machine and press the Up arrow key.
  • Now the WLAN report prints.
  • Select OK on the display of your computer and complete the Wi-Fi setup.
  • To know more about the Wi-Fi setup, call our technical experts.

Brother HL-L2305W Double-Sided Print Guidance

HL-L2305W Double-Sided Print on Windows

  • Open the print command window by using the Brother HL-L2305W printer software on your computer.
  • Set the print configurations to execute the duplex printing process.
  • Before starting the duplex printing process, ensure that the paper tray of the Brother machine is loaded with print media.
  • Send the data for executing the print to the Brother HL-L2305W setup.
  • Use the Print key to execute the printing process.

HL-L2305W Double-Sided Print on Mac

  • Before you begin the double-sided printing process, ensure that the paper tray of the machine is loaded with print media.
  • Open the document to be printed in a word app like the Apple TextEdit application.
  • Go to the File menu and choose the Print option.
  • Choose Brother HL-L2305W setup.
  • Specify the number of copies you desired to print.
  • Configure the loaded paper size using the paper size pop-up menu.
  • Set the Orientation. Also, configure the other print settings.
  • Ensure that the duplex printing option is enabled.
  • Finally, click Print and begin the duplex printing process.

How to Scan on Brother HL-L2305W Setup

  • You cannot execute the scan function with the Brother HL-L2305W machine.For more details regarding the scan operation, reach our customer support team.

Brother HL-L2305W Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

Solve the problems with the Brother HL-L2305W machine by availing solutions from our technical experts. Here are some guidelines in the following topics which include common solutions for any issues with the Brother HL-L2305W setup.

How to Reset Brother HL-L2305W Printer?

  • Select the Network option on the panel of the Brother HL-L2305W machine by using the arrow keys.
  • Choose Network Reset. Tap OK.
  • Use the up arrow key to confirm the process.
  • Once the reset is complete, the Brother HL-L2305W setup restarts by itself.

How do I get Brother HL-L2305W Printer Out of Deep Sleep Mode?

  • Use the arrow buttons and select the General Setup option.
  • Find the Sleep Time option in the same way as described in the previous steps and select it.
  • Now press the Back and down arrow buttons at the same time.
  • Use the directional button and disable (OFF) the Deep Sleep option.

Guide: Brother HL-L2305W Toner Reset

  • Power up the Brother HL-L2305W setup to begin the reset process.
  • Pull the access cover of the machine to remove the drum unit with a toner cartridge.
  • Use the green-colored lock lever & remove the cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Take a new cartridge and unpack it.
  • Take off the protective cover of the cartridge.
  • Fix the new cartridge into the drum unit.
  • Re-install the drum unit and close the cover.

Why is my Brother HL-L2305W Printer Offline?

  • Check the power connection of the Brother HL-L2305W machine.
  • Plug the power cord to the printer and electrical outlet directly.
  • Check the connection between the Brother HL-L2305W setup and computer.
  • Do not use a surge protector for executing the power connection as it may cause power fluctuations.
  • For more solutions to fix the Brother HL-L2305W offline issue, call our technical experts.
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