Brother HL-3040CN Setup Guidance

  • Remove the wrappers over the Brother HL 3040CN printer box.
  • Open the box and find the printer and its components inside it.
  • The "components" are the installation CD, Quick Setup Guide, AC Power Cable, Belt unit, Waste Toner Box, Drum Unit, and Toner Cartridge Assemblies.
  • Take out all the packing materials from the Brother HL 3040CN printer.
  • "Unpack" the drum unit and toner cartridges provided in the printer box.
  • "Gently" shake the cartridges to spread the toner inside it evenly.
  • "Use" the handles at the sides of the cartridges to shake them.
  • Remove the protective covers on the cartridges.
  • "Insert" the drum unit & toner cartridges assemblies into the printer.
  • Make sure that all the ink cartridges are inserted into the respective slots.
  • There are four colors of cartridges. The colors are Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black.
  • "Pull" the paper tray and remove it from the Brother HL-3040CN setup.
  • "Take" a stack of sheets and fan them.
  • "Tap" the sheets on an even surface.
  • "Place" the sheets in the tray and close it.
Brother HL-3040CN Setup
  • Connect the power cable of the Brother HL 3040 CN printer.
  • Power up the Brother HL printer by force pressing its power switch.
  • Follow the prompts on the panel and complete the Brother printer setup.

Brother HL-3040CN Driver Download

Windows users can use the Driver Download button below to download the recent version of the full feature software for the Brother HL-3040CN printer.

Driver for Brother HL-3040CN Printer
  • Date of launch: 24th January 2013.
  • Language: English.
  • Version: A1.
  • Size: 211.28 MB.
  • Supplementary software: Printer driver, network connection repair tool, uninstall software tool, driver deployment wizard, BRAgent, firmware update tool, and BRPrint Auditor tool.
  • The above mentioned software and tools can be obtained from the manufacturer’s store for free.

If you use the Mac operating system, give a click on the below given Driver Download key to download the recent version of the full feature Brother HL 3040CN printer software on your Mac device.

Driver for Brother HL-3040CN Printer
  • Name of the driver file: Printer Driver file.
  • File extension: .dmg.
  • Date of launch: 02.01.2019.
  • Driver file size: 31.34 MB.
  • Version: 1.4.0.
  • The Printer Driver file includes the CUPS Driver, BR-Script Driver, Brother Status Monitor, and PC-FAX software.
  • The firmware update tool is the only additional printer software for the Mac operating system.
  • You can obtain the software tool from the manufacturer’s site for free.

Brother HL-3040CN Manual Download

For complete guidelines to set up the Brother HL-3040CN Setup after purchasing it from the manufacturer’s store, use the Quick Setup manual. Give a click on the Manual Download button below to computerize the Quick Setup manual.

Manual for Brother HL-3040CN Printer

Use the User Guide manual for detailed procedure to execute the Brother HL-3040CN printer functions and troubleshoot any issues with it. Click the key below to download the User Driver manual for free.

Manual for Brother HL-3040CN Printer

Brother HL-3040CN Driver Installation

  • Begin the installation process after downloading it.
  • Use the Driver Download button on this page to computerize the software for the Brother HL-3040CN Setup.
  • Once you click the button, the system starts to download the driver.
  • You can also find the installation procedure on the screen.
  • Read the guidelines that display on the screen to install the printer software.

Brother HL-3040CN Wireless Setup Guidance

  • Make sure that your Brother HL-3040CN printer and router are powered on.
  • Keep your machine within the network range of the router.
  • Locate the Wireless button on your printer and press it.
  • Now the Brother HL-3040CN printer finds the network of your router and gets connected.

How to Check Toner Level in Brother HL-3040CN?

The toner level of the Brother HL-3040CN Setup cannot be found using any options on the control panel. You can predict the toner level by knowing the number of prints performed by the printer. When the toner is empty, the panel of the printer indicates it by flashing light from left to right.

Brother HL-3040CN Photo Printing Guidance

  • Refer to the following guidelines to print photos that are stored in your camera.
  • Power off your camera.
  • Connect your Brother HL-3040CN Setup and camera by using a USB cable.
  • Power up your camera.
  • Once you turn on the camera, the LCD of the printer displays Camera Connected.
  • Configure your camera to print a picture.
  • Configure the number of copies you need to print and begin the printing process.
  • Once the printer starts to print the picture, the LCD of the printer displays Printing.

Brother HL-3040CN Duplex Printing Guidance

  • Open the Brother HL-3040CN printer software on your computer.
  • Go to the Basic tab and select the Manual Duplex Printing Mode.
  • Again go to the Basic tab and set Paper Source under Tray 1.
  • Send your data for printing to the printer and tap OK.
  • Now the Broher HL-3040CN printer prints all the even-numbered pages.
  • Remove the printed sheets from the output tray.
  • Place the sheets in the paper tray in the same order.
  • Follow the instructions on the display of your computer to print odd-numbered pages of the sheets.

Fixed: Brother HL-3040CN Printing Problems

  • Ensure that the sheets in the paper tray are placed properly.
  • Also, check if the sheets are compatible with the model of the Brother printer.
  • Examine the power connection of the Brother HL-3040CN setup.
  • Make sure that the AC power cable of the printer is connected to a grounded electrical outlet directly.
  • Verify if the Brother HL-3040CN printer and computer are connected properly.

How to Reset Brother HL-3040CN Toner?

  • Make sure that the Brother HL-3040CN printer is powered on.
  • Open the access door of the ink cartridges of the Brother printer.
  • Tap the Secure and Cancel buttons at the same time.
  • Now the LCD of the printer displays a new menu.
  • Choose the color of the cartridge which to need to reset by using the arrow keys.
  • Tap OK and close the access door which you have opened previously.

Brother HL-3040CN Default Password

The default user name for the Brother HL-3040CN Setup is “admin” and the passkey is “access”.

Note: Using the default passkey, you can create a custom password to secure your printer.

How to Reset Drum on Brother HL-3040CN Printer?

  • Navigate to the Machine Info option on the control panel by using the directional keys. Tap OK to select the option.
  • Locate the Reset Parts Life option and select it.
  • Select Drum Unit.
  • Press OK for 2 times to reset the drum unit of the Brother HL-3040CN Setup.

Resolved: Brother HL-3040CN Paper Jam

  • The paper jam issue with the Brother HL-3040CN printer occurs due to improper loading of sheets in the paper tray.
  • The problem may also cause if the sheets do not suit the model of the printer.
  • Check for paper jams in the printer parts like the paper tray and rear access area.
  • For detailed solutions to fix the paper jam issue with the Brother HL-3040CN printer, call our well-qualified technical experts.

Brother HL-3040CN Print Unable 28 Guide

  • Power off the Brother HL-3040CN printer and wait for few minutes.
  • Turn on the printer by using its power button.
  • Check if the Print Unable 28 message is cleared.
  • If the message displays on the printer’s panel, follow the guidelines in the steps below.
  • Make sure that the toner cartridge and drum unit of the Brother HL-3040CN setup is installed properly.
  • Remove the drum unit and toner cartridges from the machine.
  • Check if the unit and cartridges are not damaged and fix them into respective place of the printer. Check if the Print Unable 28 message is fixed.

Brother HL-3040CN Print Unable 1a Guide

  • Restart the Brother HL-3040CN printer and check if the issue is solved.
  • Clean the corona wire on the drum unit of the printer.
  • Power off the printer.
  • Disconnect the power cable of the Brother HL-3040CN printer.
  • Wait for few minutes and connect the cable back into the printer and power supply directly.
  • Turn on the Brother HL-3040CN setup and check if the issue is solved.
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