Brother DCP-T700W Setup Guidance

Unpack the Brother DCP-T700W printer carton

  • Remove the protective cover of the Brother DCP-T700W printer carton.
  • Prefer a clean surface and place the Brother machine on it.
  • Plug the power cable to the power port of the printer & power supply.
  • Turn on your printer and set your preferences on the control panel.

Set the ink tanks

  • Pull the access door of the ink tanks of your printer.
  • Raise the cap of the tanks for filling them.
  • Unpack the ink bottle provide in the printer box.
  • Remove the bottle’s cap and film.
  • Re-fix the cap.
  • Now remove the tip cover of the ink bottle.
  • Tilt the bottle and pour ink into the ink tank of the Brother DCP-T700W printer.

Note: Fill the tank by squeezing the bottle.

  • After filling the tank, push down the cap and close it.
  • Fill the remaining tanks in the same way as explained in the previous steps.

Load the Brother DCP-T700W printer’s paper tray

  • Extend the paper tray of the Brother DCP-T700W printer and take it out.
  • Open the cover of the output tray.
  • Take a stack of white sheets and fan them.
  • Place the sheets in the tray and them by adjusting the paper width guides.
  • Check the print quality of the Brother DCP-T700W printer.

Set your preferences & execute the printer connection

  • Configure your preferences (date & time, country, language, etc.) on the control panel of the Brother DCP-T700W setup.
  • Download & install the software for the Brother machine.
  • Set up the connection of the machine and complete the setup.

Brother DCP-T700W Driver Download

The driver is the essential factor which is used to perform the functions of the Brother DCP-T700W setup from your computer.

Driver for DCP-T700W Windows
Driver for DCP-T700W Printer

Brother DCP-T700W Manual Download

The Brother DCP-T700W setup may fail to print at times. If you face such issues, avail solutions in the manual of the printer. You can also get assistance from our well-qualified experts by contacting them. Get the manual (softcopy) of the printer by using the Manual Download button below.

Manual for DCP-T700W Printer

Brother DCP-T700W Driver Installation

You have to computerize the software of the Brother DCP-T700W setup to install it. Double-click the driver file to install it. Continue the instructions on the display to complete the installation.

Note: The procedure for installing the software varies based on the OS version of your computer or laptop.

How to Refill Ink on Brother DCP-T700W

  • Open the cover of the Brother DCP-T700W printer’s ink tank.
  • Remove the cap of the tank which you need to refill.
  • Take the ink bottle and open its cap.

Note: The ink color of the bottle should match the tank’s color.

  • Tilt the bottle and pour ink into the tank.
  • Squeeze the middle of the bottle to pour ink.
  • After refilling the tank, close the cap and access cover.
  • Tap the up arrow button on the front panel of the Brother DCP-T700W setup.
  • Choose the color of the ink which you have refilled by using the arrow keys.

How to Connect Brother DCP-T700W to Wifi?

  • "Note down" the network name (SSID) and passkey of your router. Also, make sure that the router is providing a strong and secure internet connection.
  • Tap the Menu key on the front panel of the Brother DCP-T700W printer.
  • Use the arrow keys to select Network & "tap OK".
  • "Choose" the Setup Wizard option and press OK.
  • When the Network I/F Switched to Wireless, Switch Network Interface to Wireless? or Enable WLAN? message displays on the screen, tap the Up arrow button to accept the process.
  • "Now" the Brother DCP-T700W setup searches for the network of your router.
  • "Choose" the network name of your router and select it. Also, provide the network’s passkey when the system prompts.
  • "Follow" the instructions that display on the printer’s panel and complete the Wi-Fi setup.

Brother DCP-T700W Duplex Printing Guidance

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the recent version full feature Brother DCP-T700W printer software on your computer or laptop.
  • Open the print command window using related option.
  • Select your printer name in the Print dialog box.
  • Click the Properties or Preferences option.
  • Change the print settings like the Media, Print Quality, Orientation, Paper Size, and Scaling. Also, set the 2-Sided/Booklet option. Tap OK.
  • Tap Print to begin the duplex printing process.
Brother DCP-T700W setup

How to Scan using Brother DCP-T700W Printer?

Refer to the below provided topic for scanning documents using the Brother DCP-T700W printer.

How to Scan Documents using Brother DCP-T700W?

  • Unfold the support of the ADF (Automatic Document Support) of the Brother DCP-T700W setup.
  • Fan the pages for scanning and place them in the ADF.
  • Use the paper guides to fix the pages.

Note: The pages should be placed with their printed side facing down at the top edge of the ADF.

  • Now the display of the printer reads ADF Ready.
  • After placing the document, close the support of the ADF.
  • Tap the ControlCenter4 icon on the task tray. Click Open.
  • Enable the Advanced mode by clicking the radio button next to it. Tap OK.
  • Click the Model drop-down list and make sure that your printer name is selected.
  • Configure the scan settings.
  • Go to the File Type drop-down list and select PDF (*.pdf).
  • Specify a name for your scanned document.
  • Use the Browser button to save the scanned document in the desired folder.
  • Also, set the Resolution and Document Size configurations. Tap OK.
  • Go to the Scan tab. Click the File tile and select Scan.
  • The Brother DCP-T700W printer begins the scan function.

How to Connect Brother DCP-T700W Printer to Laptop?

  • Ensure that your Brother DCP-T700W setup is connected to the network of a router or access point.
  • Download the printer software on your computer.
  • Install the Brother DCP-T700W printer software after downloading it.
  • Enable the Wireless Network Connection option while installing it and tap Next.
  • Choose the Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer option.
  • Click the radio button near Change the Firewall Port Settings to Enable Network Connection and Continue with the Installation. Click Next.
  • Unpack the USB cable provided in the printer carton.
  • Click the radio button near Yes, I Have a USB Cable to Use For Installation.
  • Choose the network name (SSID) of your router and tap Next.
  • Follow the instructions that display on the screen and complete the connection between your Brother DCP-T700W printer and laptop.

How to Clean Brother DCP-T700w Printer?

Clean the Brother DCP-T700W printer to get rid of issues with it and maintain good print quality. You can use a lint-free cloth dipped in the distilled water or glass cleaner to clean the Brother printer. You can also use dry lint-free cloth or cotton swab to clean the machine.

How to Clean Printhead in Brother DCP-T700W?

  • Tap the Menu key on the front panel of the Brother DCP-T700W setup.
  • Use the up / down arrow key to view the Ink option. Tap OK to select it.
  • Select the Cleaning option in the same way.
  • Choose Black, Color or All. Press OK.
  • Now the Brother DCP-T700W printer cleans the print head by itself.

How to Troubleshoot Brother DCP-T700W Printer

You can troubleshoot any problems with the Brother DCP-T700W printer by availing guidance from our technical support team by calling them. Also, find solutions for some common issues with the printer in the following topics. Moreover, the solutions can also be obtained from the printer’s manual. The softcopy of the manual is provided on this page for free.

Guide: Brother DCP-T700W Black Ink not Working

  • Check the ink level in the black ink tank of the Brother DCP-T700W printer.
  • If the ink level is low, refill the ink tank.
  • You can avail ink from the ink bottles which can be purchased from the manufacturer’s store.
  • Check for any ink clogs inside the Brother DCP-T700W printer and clean them.
  • Make sure that the ink is compatible with the model of your printer.
  • Restart the Brother DCP-T700DW setup and check if the problem is solved.
  • For more guidance to fix the black ink not working issue, reach our well-qualified technical experts.

How to Reset Brother DCP-T700W Printer?

  • Tap the Menu icon or key on the front panel of the Brother DCP-T700W setup.
  • Use the arrow keys to find the Initial Setup option and tap OK to select it.
  • Select the Reset option.
  • Choose the reset type by pressing the up or down arrow. Tap OK.
  • Use the up arrow button to select the Reset option.
  • Again press the up arrow key to confirm the process.

How to Reset Brother DCP-T700W Ink Box full?

  • Replace the ink absorber or flushing box of the Brother DCP-T700W setup with a new one.
  • Clean the paper jam issue with the Brother printer if any.
  • Reach our well-qualified technical experts by contacting them.

Guide: Print Unable 32 Brother DCP-T700W

  • Power off the Brother DCP-T700W setup.
  • Open the scanner lid of the Brother machine.
  • Check for any foreign materials and paper scraps inside the printer and remove them.
  • For detailed solutions, reach our technical experts.

Guide: Print Unable 35 Brother DCP-T700W

  • The print unable 35 error occurs when there any bits of paper stuck inside the Brother DCP-T700W printer.
  • So, check for any jammed sheets inside the printer and clear them.
  • Cancel the print process if any.
  • Pull the cover at the back of the Brother DCP-T700W Setup.
  • Look for jammed sheets and clear them.
  • Close all the covers that are opened and check if the issue is solved.
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