Brother DCP-J1100DW Setup Guidance

  • Open the Brother DCP-J1100DW printer carton and check if the printer components are provided in it.
  • The components include an ink cartridges box (contains black, yellow, cyan, and magenta cartridges), quick setup guide, product safety guide, AC power cord, and Brother printer software installation CD.
  • Load the paper tray of the "Brother DCP-J1100DW printer" machine with compatible sheets.
  • Set up the electrical connection of the Brother machine.
  • Power on your Brother machine and configure your preferences.
  • "Insert" the ink cartridges into the Brother DCP-J1100DW setup.
  • "Connect" the telephone line cable of the Brother machine.
  • Launch the software for the Brother machine.
  • Connect the Brother DCP-J110DW printer to your computer and complete the machine setup.
Brother DCP-J1100DW Setup

Brother DCP-J1100DW Driver Download

The driver for the Brother DCP-J1100DW printer is used to perform its operations from your computer or laptop in which you have downloaded the software.

Brother DCP-J1100DW Driver for Windows OS

Driver for Brother DCP-J1100DW Printer
  • Date of release: 23rd May in the year 2019.
  • Version: F1.
  • Size of the driver file: 419.68 MB.
  • Compatible OS versions: Windows OS of any versions.

Brother DCP-J1100DW Driver for Mac OS

Driver for Brother DCP-J1100DW Printer
  • Launch date: 3rd June in the year 2019.
  • Version: 1.21.
  • Name of the driver file: Full Driver & Software Package.
  • Compatible OS versions: Mac OS X 10.11 and later versions.

Brother DCP-J1100DW Manual Download

The Brother DCP-J1100DW Setup may go offline at times. Use the manual of the printer to avail complete solutions to fix any problems with the machine. You can also get guidelines to set up the printer and perform its functions in the manual of the Brother DCP-J1100DW machine.

Manual for Brother DCP-J1100DW Printer

Brother DCP-J1100DW Driver Installation Guidance

  • The installation process can be performed after downloading the Brother DCP-J1100DW printer software.
  • Open the driver file which you have downloaded on your computer.
  • Follow the guidelines to complete the installation.

Brother DCP-J1100DW Wifi Setup Assistance

  • On the control panel of the Brother DCP-J1100DW printer, tap the Settings icon.
  • Select All Settings. Find the Network option and tap it.
  • Go to WLAN and select the WPS option.
  • Tap Yes once the Enable WLAN? message appears on the display.
  • Now press the WPS key on your router.
  • Tap OK on the panel of the Brother DCP-J1100DW setup.
  • Now your Brother machine gets connected to the network of the router automatically.
  • The Connected message on the screen indicates that the connection is executed successfully.

Brother DCP-J1100DW Scan Guidance

  • Place your original document for scanning in the respective place of the Brother DCP-J1100DW printer.
  • Select Scan --> To PC --> To Image.
  • Choose the name of your computer.
  • Select Options or Set at Device.
  • Change the scan settings if required. The settings are the Scan Type, Resolution, File Type, Document Size, Contrast, Brightness, and Remove Background Color.
  • Tap Start to start the scanning process.
  • Follow the prompts on the LCD of the Brother DCP-J1100DW setup and complete the process.

How to Print Envelope on Brother DCP-J1100DW?

  • Close the paper support of the Brother DCP-J1100DW printer and its flap if they are opened.
  • Extend the paper tray of the machine to its maximum position.
  • Open the door of the output tray.
  • Keep up to 10 envelopes in the tray.
  • Note: Make sure to place the envelopes with their printing side facing down.
  • Fix the envelopes by adjusting the guides.
  • Close the door of the output paper tray.
  • Close the paper tray and pull the paper support. Also, unfold its flap.
  • Send the print job for printing to the Brother DCP-J1100DW setup.
  • Configure the print settings using the Brother printer software on your computer.
  • Use the Print option in the printer software to print the envelopes.

Brother DCP-J1100DW Airprint Guidance

  • The AirPrint option is used to connect the Brother DCP-J1100DW printer to your Apple device.
  • Make sure that your Brother DCP-J1100DW setup is powered on.
  • Open the document or image you need to print on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod.
  • Click the Share icon and tap Print.
  • Ensure that your Brother printer is selected.
  • If your printer name is not selected, choose it.
  • Configure the required print settings and tap Print to begin the print function.

Brother DCP-J1100dw Setup Troubleshooting

Are you finding solutions to fix any problems with Brother DCP-J1100DW printer? You are in the right destination. Reach our well-qualified technical experts to fix any issues with the printer. Also, go through the solutions in the following topics to solve some common issues with the Brother printer. You can also find solutions in the manual of the Brother DCP-J1100DW machine.

Fixed: Brother DCP-J1100DW offline

  • It is mandatory to check the power connection of the Brother DCP-J1100 printer to solve the offline issue.
  • Make sure that the AC power cord of the machine is plugged to the power port of the printer and electrical outlet directly.
  • For more solutions to fix the Brother DCP-J1100DW machine, reach our well-qualified customer support team.

Solved: Brother DCP-J1100DW Paper Jam

  • Check for any jammed sheets inside the Brother DCP-J1100DW Setup.
  • Disconnect the AC power cable of the Brother machine.
  • Check for paper jams in the printer parts like the MP tray, Manual Feed Slot, etc.
  • Re-fix the removed printer components and check if the paper jam issue is fixed.

Brother DCp-J1100DW not Connecting Guidance

  • Make sure that the Brother DCP-J1100DW setup and computer are connected properly.
  • If you use a router to connect the devices, make sure that the printer and computer are connected to the same router.
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