Complete Wireless Direct HP Printer Guidance

There are many HP printers that support the Wi-Fi Direct feature. You can check the manual of an HP printer to know if it features Wi-Fi Direct. Else, visit the manufacturer’s site to check the Wireless Direct HP Printer specification. You can also make use of trusted third-party sites to know the specifications of your printer.

Quick Steps to Get the Printer Details by using the Manufacturer’s Sites

Quick Steps for Printer Details
  • Open any web browser on your computer.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s site.
  • Search for the name of the printer for which you need to know its specification.
  • "Click" the Product Information tab at the left of the screen.
  • "Now" your system displays the matching articles.
  • "Click" the Product Specifications link and check if the printer supports the Wireless Direct feature.

The Wireless Direct feature is mainly used to connect your devices like laptop, mobile, or computer to the HP printer directly without any network usage. Go through this blog to know more about the Wireless Direct feature.

Guide: How to Print from Mobile by using the Wireless Direct HP Printer Feature

Quick Steps for Mobile Printing
  • On the control panel of the HP printer, tap the HP Wireless Direct icon.
  • Find the Network Setup or Wireless Settings menu and select it.
  • Choose the Wireless Direct option and enable it.
  • If you need to secure the process with a passkey, choose ON or ON with Security.
  • Provide a new passkey and tap OK.
  • Now tap the Settings icon on your mobile.
  • Choose the Wi-Fi Direct option and enable it.
  • Select the name of your printer in the list that appears on the screen.

Note : The printer name will be like “HP-Print-xx-(model name of your printer)”.

Specify the created passkey when the display prompts.Now your HP printer gets connected to the mobile by using the Wi-Fi Direct feature.

Note : The procedure may slightly vary based on the model of your HP printer.

You can also install your HP printer software on your computer by using the Wireless Direct feature of the printer. Here are quick steps to launch the printer software by using the feature.

  • Power up your HP printer if it is powered off previously.
  • Disconnect the USB cable of your printer if connected.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the full feature printer software on your computer.
  • On the function panel of your printer, select Network Setup --> Wireless Direct.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi feature on your computer.
  • Choose your printer name when displays on the screen.
  • Open the driver file to install the software.
  • Choose the wireless connection option while installing the HP printer driver.
  • Choose your printer name to complete the installation process.
  • After installing the HP printer software, you connect your computer to the network of a router.
  • In top of the page we briefly explain the Wireless Direct HP Printer feature. For, instant assistance reach us.
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