How to Rename Virtual Desktop on Windows 10?

  • Navigate to the Windows 10 desktop.
  • Click the 'Task View' button located on the taskbar. It looks like a filmstrip.
  • You can also press the "Windows and Tab keys" at the same time to launch the Task View.
  • Left-Click the Virtual Desktop(For example, Desktop 1) that needs to be renamed.
  • Enter a new name for the Virtual Desktop.
  • This completes the rename virtual desktop on Windows 10 procedure.

NOTE:There have to be at least two Virtual Desktops to rename them.

Virtual Desktops, what are they?

A virtual desktop is a desktop experience that is brought to your device irrespective of the operating system your mobile device is running. You can access your desktop applications and documents your mobile device, and even work on the same virtual desktop with multiple users at the same time.

Why do you need a Virtual Desktop?

The world is going mobile, and your work should be too. Today, just about everyone working in any part of the world has a smartphone or tablet. Work does not have to stop when you step out of the office or when you do not have your bulky computer. If you have a smartphone or tablet that is configured by your IT admin to log into virtual desktops, you can access the virtual desktop from anywhere in the world. In, above we briefly exlained the rename virtual desktop on Windows 10 process.

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