How to Refill Ink Epson l3110

The steps below will help you to refill the ink in the Epson L3110 printer;


  • Buy the genuine ink bottles from the Epson retailer store.
  • Check the part number of the ink color bottles to make sure it is the right color.
  • Be careful not to shake the ink bottle when it closed or opened.
  • Do not refill the printer with non-Epson ink.
  • Open the ink bottle packet only before refilling the tank.
  • Please do not mix the colors and use them in the printer.
  • Always close the ink bottle cap after the refilling to avoid ink spilling or staining.
  • Keep the ink tanks at room temperature.
  • Verify the ink levels in the ink tanks of the printer by looking at the ink level indicator on it.
  • It is better to wear a pair of disposable gloves before refilling the tanks.

To refill:

  • Pull the ink tank cover to open the lid.
  • Now, know the ink tank which you have to refill and open the ink tank lid of that particular ink color.
  • Confirm that the ink color name is the same as the ink tank label and then unwrap the plastic ink bottle package that you are going to fill in the tank.
  • Carefully hold the ink bottle and twist open the ink cap of the bottle.
  • Never discard the bottle cap and see that you don’t touch the bottle outlet.
  • Place the ink bottle outlet into the ink tank slot which is opened and let the ink flow slowly into the tank.
  • Next, gently position the ink bottle upright and wait until the ink tank gets filled.
  • Ensure that the ink tank is not filled above the maximum limit mark, which is a small horizontal line.
  • When the tank is full, remove the bottle and close it with the plastic cap. If there is ink remaining, keep it safe for later use.
  • Fill the other ink tanks in this same way and finally close the ink tank cover.
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