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How to fix Slow Printing Speed of Canon Printers?

A slow printer can significantly affect your productivity and eat up your time in more ways than one. Before you think of discarding your printer, here are a few tried and tested methods you can explore to fix the Slow Printing Speed of Canon Printers.

The first method involves resetting the Canon printer. Ensure that the Canon machine is powered on. While it is on, detach the power cable from its rear Power port. Unplug the cable from the wall outlet as well.After a minute, reattach the cable to the printer and then to the wall outlet. Now, power on the Canon printer and check whether the printing speed has improved. 

Move the Canon printer closer to the wireless access point(for example, router) and check whether the printing speed improves. This is because, when the Canon machine is far from the access point, there is a chance for the connection to be weak. As a consequence, the printing speed will also be low. In addition to that, clear the obstructions that produce radio wave interference, which are located between the printer and router.

If the printing speed continues to be low, download the Canon printer’s latest firmware from the official manufacturer’s site and install it. Then, check whether the printing speed has increased.

Consider selecting any print quality other than ‘best’ and check whether this improves the printing speed. Go to the Control Panel --> Printers & Scanners --> Select your Canon printer --> Choose the Manage option --> Printing Preferences --> Paper/Quality tab --> Choose Plain Paper. Set the quality level to any option below the best. Click the Apply option.

Uninstall the Canon printer driver. Power off your computer. Restart the computer. Download the Canon printer’s latest driver from the manufacturer’s site. Install the driver and check whether the slow printing speed of Canon Printers issue is resolved.

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