How to Fix HP Printer Print Faded Issues?

Trying to print a document at the last minute only to find out that the print is too faint? We understand that it can be quite a frustrating experience. Follow the below given guidance to complete the how to fix HP printer print faded issues.

However, you don’t have to trash the printer and get a new one. You can get to the bottom of this and have dark black prints in no time. Read through this article to find out what exactly is causing the faint print issue on your HP printer and resolve it.

Are you using HP Genuine toner cartridges?

Toner cartridges aren’t cheap and for good reason. A 3rd party toner cartridge might get the work done, but only temporarily. Over time, it can incur more charges than savings!

These toner cartridges are unreliable, and the manufacturer recommends that you use genuine HP toner cartridges to prevent any damage to the printer.

Is the paper type appropriate for the print job?

More often than not, an incorrect paper type is selected for the print job resulting in bad quality prints. For example, using a paper meant to be used with Inkjet printers for Laserjet printers can give bad results.

  • Do you use EconoMode full-time?
  • The manufacturer recommends against using EconoMode full-time as it can result in the toner working for a longer time than the mechanical components in the printer.
  • By rule of thumb, if the print is too dark, enable Economode in the Print Quality settings.
  • If the print is too light, disable Economode.

Are you using the right settings?

Users tend to use the default settings when printing documents, which is understandable since they don’t want to enter the menus and tweak each setting. But, that is exactly what a user should do. Tweaking the print settings according to the print job ensures that the printing is done right each time.

Is your cartridge low on ink?

Sometimes, all you need to do is get the toner out, give it a good shake, and you’re good to go! (This redistributes the toner powder.) If that doesn’t work and the print is still faint, replace the toner cartridge.

Is the toner cartridge clean?

Perform the printhead cleaning procedure from the HP printer software that is installed on your computer. This option is typically located in the Printing Preferences option under Device Settings.

Take the HP toner cartridge out and check whether it is damaged. Inspect the surface of the imaging drum for scratches, or other damage. You can access it by sliding the cartridge cover back.

If all else fails, consider getting the HP printer serviced by an HP expert. For, more info related how to fix HP Printer Print Faded Issues reach us.

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