How to Fax on Brother Printer?

Faxing is a process of transmitting a scanned document to any fax enabled machine. You can use your Brother printer to fax any documents or images. This blog helps you through the guidelines to execute how to fax on Brother printer.

Quick Steps to Fax by using your Brother Printer

Brother Printer Fax Steps
  • Keep your document for faxing on the respective place of the printer.
  • "Tap" the Fax key on the printer’s control panel.
  • Specify the fax number to which you need to fax the document.
  • Change the fax settings if needed.
  • Tap the Fax Start key to begin the fax function.

Detailed Guidelines to Execute the How to Fax on Brother Printer

  • Place your document to be faxed on the scanner glass or the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) of the printer.
  • On the function panel of the Brother printer, locate the Fax option and select it.
  • Provide the fax number of the recipient.
  • You can use the Dial Pad, Redial, Outgoing Call, Call History, and Address Book options to specify the fax number.
  • If you use the Dail Pad option, you need to type the fax number by using the keypad on the printer’s panel.
  • The Redial option is used to dial the number which you have used to execute the fax function previously.
  • Once you touch the Outgoing Call option, the outgoing call numbers of the printer appears on the panel. You can choose any one of the numbers to fax your document.
  • The Address Book option displays the fax numbers which you have saved on your printer’s memory previously.
  • The Call History option shows the list of call numbers that you have used for faxing with the Brother printer.
  • After specifying the fax number of your recipient, tap the Options key.
  • Change the fax configurations if needed.
  • You can utilize the up & down arrow buttons to configure the fax settings.
  • Tap OK after setting the fax configurations.
  • Select the Fax Start option to begin the fax function.
  • If you have placed your document for faxing in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), the printer scans the loaded document and faxes it to the recipient automatically.
  • For placing the document on the scanner glass and configured the Color Settings as Black, the printer begins to scan the first page of the document. Follow the instructions or prompts on the panel to complete the how to fax on brother printer function.
  • If you choose the Color Settings as Color, tap Yes when the If you Want to Send a Color Fax message displays on the control panel.
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