How to Connect HP Printer to Laptop/Computer with USB?

With advanced smart printers already in production and more innovative printing machines coming soon, there is still one thing old and new printers support.

Both top-of-the-line and consumer-grade printers have the capability of being connected to a computer via a USB cable. It is the preferred connection choice for the non-tech-savvy user.

How to connect HP printer to laptop support. Even in wireless HP printers, there is the option to get the wireless network information that the computer has via the temporary USB cable connection.

Quick Steps for HP Printer to Laptop Connection via USB:

  • The first step in a wireless HP printer installation is the easiest. You need to power on the HP printer.
  • Though these steps are written for a consumer-grade HP Printer, the procedure to connect a different HP printer to the computer shouldn’t be much different from this.
  • After powering on the HP printer, you need the HP printer software to establish a proper printer-computer connection.
  • Navigate to the HP official site on your computer’s internet browser and look for the HP printer model that you use.
  • Click on the HP printer model and click the X button above the Troubleshooting information window that pops up.
  • By default, the Troubleshooting tab is selected on the web page. "Select" the ‘Software, Drivers and Firmware’ tab.
  • View the driver file and click the ‘See full details’ link to check whether it is the driver file that is appropriate for your computer’s OS version.
  • Click the Download button and wait until the HP driver software is downloaded completely.
  • Double-click the HP printer software that you downloaded.
  • The HP printer software self-extracts, and the User Account Control’ window opens.
  • Click Yes to allow the HP printer software to be installed on your computer.
  • The HP printer software’s Prepare--Connect--Activate screen appears. Click Continue.
  • Select the HP printer software to be installed on your computer and then click the ‘Terms and Conditions’ checkbox. Click Next.
  • Select the Wireless connection radio button and click the Next button.
  • The HP printer software installer prompts you to connect the USB cable to the HP printer and computer.
  • Click the Next button after connecting the USB cable.
  • The HP printer software installer detects the printer that is connected. Click the ‘Yes, access the computer or router’ option and click Next.
  • The HP software automatically retrieves the wireless network settings and displays them on the screen.
  • Click the ‘Yes’ radio button to connect and store the Wi-Fi settings on the HP printer. Click Next.
  • The HP printer software displays a message on the screen stating that a network device is being installed.
  • It then prompts you to disconnect the USB cable from the HP printer and computer.
  • Disconnect the cable and click Next.
  • Set the purpose of use and printer location. Click Next
  • This completes the how to connect HP printer to laptop via a USB cable.
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