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How to Clean the Print Head of Epson Printer?

When the print quality deteriorates over time, you can run a printhead cleaning cycle to restore the print quality to the factory default. There are two ways to perform how to clean the printhead of Epson printer process. The first one involves running it from the Epson machine’s control panel. The second method is to run the cycle from your computer’s printhead cleaning utility.

  • Here’s how you run the printhead cleaning cycle from the Epson printer’s control panel.
  • Power on your Epson printer and let it initialize.
  • Long-press the Ink button for about three seconds. Release the button.
  • The Epson printer’s Power and Ink LEDs blink, signaling that printhead cleaning has been initiated.
  • After these LEDs stop blinking, print a nozzle check pattern on the Epson printer.
  • Select the Setup option on the Epson machine’s control panel.
  • Choose Ink Levels and find out how much ink is left in the Epson printer’s ink cartridges.
  • Then, return to the control panel main menu and select Maintenance.
  • Choose Print Head Nozzle Check-->Press the Start button.
  • If there are dotted lines, select 
  • Clean the print head. If not, select Finish.

How to Clean the Print Head of Epson Printer - This is how you can run the printhead cleaning cycle from the computer’s Epson printer head cleaning utility.

Mac Computers

Ensure that there is paper in the Epson WF-3620 printer’s cassette. Also, if any error LEDs are blinking, resolve the issue, and then proceed to the next step.

  • Open the document viewer program on your Mac computer.
  • Select File --> Page Setup --> Print.
  • Alternatively, open the Mac computer’s Applications folder. Double-click Epson Utility --> Choose the Epson printer model --> OK.
  • Select File --> Print --> Print Settings --> Click the Utility(screwdriver and spanner) icon.
  • Ensure that the correct Epson printer model is selected and then click OK.
  • Choose Auto Head Cleaning. Perform the actions displayed on the screen to run the cleaning cycle.

Windows Computers

To access the Epson printer driver from a Windows application

  • Open the Windows document viewing application.
  • Select File-->Print/Print Setup.
  • Choose Preferences.

From the Windows Start menu

  • Open the Start menu --> Control Panel --> Hardware and Sound --> Devices and Printers
  • Right-click the Epson printer model and click Printing Preferences.
  • Go to the Head Cleaning option and follow the prompts shown on the screen to run the cleaning cycle.
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