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Obtain troubleshooting methods, free drivers, manuals and more.

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Download drivers and get printer setup support from our technical team to fix the issues in one easy click.

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How to Set up and Install

Get easy and simple instructions to set up the hardware and software of your printer.

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Advantages of Our Printer Setup Services

Printer Setup Support

We guide to set up the hardware and software of your printer. The instruction on this page assists you to set your printer quickly.

Printer Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting methods on this site provide solutions for the issues that you have with your Printer Setup. You can also get guidelines from our printer support team.

Wireless Setup & Connection

The wireless setup is made by connecting your printer to a network. Follow the guidelines on this site to establish the wireless connection.

Free Driver & Manual Download

This page has the driver that suits the OS and version of your computer. Obtain the driver and manual for free of cost.

Ink Cartridge Installation & Issues

Get guidance from our technical support team to fix issues with the ink cartridges. Also, read the guidelines on this page for solutions.

Print, Fax & Scan Problems

Follow the guidelines on this site to quick fix the fax and scan problems. You can also get solutions from our printer setup support team.

Find Your Printer to Get Set Up & Troubleshooting Guide

123 HP Printer Setup Support

HP Printer Setup tops in laser printing. It provides all functions like printing, scanning, copying, faxing and more. Most of the HP printers setup are compatible with any of the devices like computers, laptops, and mobiles. HP setup printer support are user-friendly devices.

Canon Printer Setup Support

The sleek and innovative design of the Canon printer setup support fits into any place of your home or office. They have a smart connection option which let you connect to the computer very easily. The canon printer setup prints high-quality documents or photos at a speedy rate.

Epson Printer Setup Support

Epson printer setup offers a wide variety of printers which can be used at any place. The advanced ink technology of the Epson printer provides the highest quality documents or photos. Using this printer, you can print documents wirelessly from your iPhone, tablet and more.

Brother Printer Setup Support

The Brother printer setup is designed for homes and small offices. It performs functions like printing, scanning, photocopying, faxing and more. The genuine ink cartridges of the printer deliver high-quality documents or images. The Epson printer setup produces true-to-life photos which never fade for decades.

Samsung Printer Setup Support

The Samsung printer setup prints professional-quality documents or images. It delivers 4-in-one versatile performance. It increases productivity with great solutions. It is an Eco-friendly and power efficient samsung printer setup. Check the printer status from your computer or laptop.

Why Choose Our Setup Printer Services

Our experts guide to set up the hardware and software of all kinds of inkjet and laserjet printers. We provide manual and driver for your printer at free of cost. Our team helps to fix the issues with your Printer setup support.
Clear and simple steps,
quick-fix solutions, free driver and manual
printer support

Printer Setup Drivers, Software & OS Updates

Printer Troubleshooting Issues

  1. Driver installation problems
  2. Not getting quality print
  3. Network issues
  4. Printer not responding.
  5. Quick Powering Off.
  6. Not able to setup fax.
  7. Not printing anything.
  8. Printer going offline.
Printer Windows Updates

Printer Setup Updates For Windows

If your printer does not work after Windows 10 update, take help of our technical support team and resolve the Printer Setup issue. We also fix OS compatibility issues with your printer.

Printer Mac Updates

Printer Driver Update For Mac

Get solutions to fix the issues with your Mac operating system and printer update the OS with the assistance of our technical printer setup support team.

Print with smart phone

Printing With Smartphone

Obtain simple and easy instruction to link the printer to your smart phone. You can also get guidelines by contacting our printer technical experts.

Print with smartdevices

Print With Smart Devices

Get easy and quick guidelines to connect the 123 hp com printer to your Smart device. Also, obtain detailed instructions by contacting our technical support team.

Printers services

Call our technical support team for quick and easy solutions

Common Printer Setup Issues and Solutions

how to fix paper jam

How to Fix Paper Jam Problems

Check for jammed papers inside the printer and try to solve the issue. Get simple and quick printer setup support to fix the paper jam error.

How To Fix carriage jam

How to Fix Carriage jam on Printer

Open the access door of the printer. Slide the carriage and check if it is moving properly. Obtain quick solutions to fix the carriage issue.

black ink not print

Black Ink Not Printing

Remove the cartridge from your Printer Setup. Check for ink clogs or any damage on the cartridge. Fix the black cartridge issue quickly with the easy printer setup support provided here.

printer setup support